5 Online Resources to Make You a Better Recruiter

5 Online Resources to make you a better recruiter

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Technology has transformed the recruiting landscape. No longer are recruiters limited to scouring job boards and waiting for resumes to come in through their job postings. Now, there are a plethora of online resources available to help recruiters source candidates and find the best talent out there.

Here are five online resources that every recruiter should be using to help them find and attract top talent:

Job Boards

There are a ton of different job boards out there, each with its strengths and weaknesses. However, all job boards share one common goal: to help you find qualified candidates for your open positions. Some popular job boards include Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.

However, not all job boards are the same. Indeed is great for finding a large pool of candidates, while Glassdoor is better for targeting specific skill sets. LinkedIn has a large user base and various filters and search options, and Craigslist can be a little sketchy.

List Of Job Boards For Each Job

No matter which job board you use, ensure you take advantage of all the features it offers. Remember that posting a job is only the first step – you also need to use keyword-rich descriptions, target specific locations, and set up alerts to ensure you don’t miss any great candidates.

Social Media

Social media is a goldmine for recruiters looking for top talent. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can all be used to reach out to potential candidates and promote open positions at your company. In addition, you can also use social media to research candidates and get a better sense of their qualifications and interests.

When using social media for recruiting, it’s important to create a strategy. First, you need to identify which platforms your target candidates are using. Then, you need to create content that will appeal to them. Finally, you need to measure your results and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Always ensure you are using the right social media platforms to recruit the talent you need. For example, if you are looking for Gen Z to work for your company, use TikTok to create content. If you are looking for a manager with 3+ years of experience, use LinkedIn.

Us Adults On Social Media Platforms

Recruiting Software

Recruiting software makes the recruiting process more efficient by automating many of the tedious tasks that come with it. For example, recruiting software can be used to post open positions on job boards, track applicants, conduct interviews, and onboard new hires.

If you are a recruiter, I am sure you already have a recruiting software favorite. Some of the most popular Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) include BambooHR, Bullhorn, Greenhouse, Salesforce, and Jobvite.


In order to be a successful recruiter, you need to continuously learn and grow. The recruiting landscape is constantly changing, and what worked yesterday might not work today. With that in mind, here are five recruitment blogs that will make you a better recruiter. 

The Muse – The Muse is a website dedicated to helping job seekers find their dream jobs and enabling employers to attract top talent. They have an extensive blog that covers everything from resume tips to interview advice. As a recruiter, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in job seeking and hiring, and The Muse is a great resource for that. 

RecruitingBlogs.com – RecruitingBlogs.com is a website that curates the best content from the top recruiting blogs out there. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all things recruiting, this is it. They cover everything from social media recruiting to sourcing candidates to using applicant tracking systems (ATS). 

ERE Media – ERE Media is a leading provider of news, information, and events for the recruiting industry. They have an extensive blog that covers topics such as talent acquisition strategy, employer branding, and diversity & inclusion.

HiringSolved – HiringSolved is a website that provides free tools and resources for recruiters. Their blog covers topics such as sourcing candidates, using data in recruiting, and increasing diversity in the workplace. If you’re looking for practical tips and advice on how to be a better recruiter, HiringSolved is definitely worth checking out. 

Recruitingdaily – Recruitingdaily is another great blog for recruiters. They focus on providing actionable tips and advice on how to be more efficient and effective in your job as a recruiter. They cover topics such as sourcing candidates, using technology in recruiting, and writing better job descriptions. 

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are a great way to connect with potential candidates who might not otherwise be active on the platform. There are groups for just about everything out there, so take some time to find ones that are relevant to your industry or target market. Once you’ve joined a group, you can start participating in discussions, sharing relevant content, and connecting with members one-on-one.

Additionally, join recruitment groups. There are many groups on LinkedIn for recruiters to connect with each other and share tips on attracting candidates to their job openings.


Recruiting talent doesn’t have to be complicated – thanks to technology, many online resources are available to help you find the best candidates. By utilizing job boards, social media, recruiting software, blogs, and LinkedIn groups, you’ll build a strong team of top talent in no time! Whether you have been a recruiter for 10+ years or just became a recruiter and have zero experience, these five tips will help you succeed.

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