6 Ways to Prepare for a Meeting With a Recruiter

ways to Prepare for interview

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Meeting with a Recruiter and Not Sure How to Prepare?

We like to tackle job-related topics to educate and better prepare job-seekers for the professional world. However, a lot of candidates don’t take meetings with their recruiters as seriously as they should.

Whether it is a recruiter for a firm, or you are preparing for your first interview, each of these steps are very important and can make a lasting impression on the person interviewing you.

Our job at City Personnel, as a staffing agency, is to hire candidates through our agency and place them at a company that has hired us to fill positions. An added bonus of our job is that we get to help people find their perfect job in their career field. At the end of the day, when we send a candidate to a client for an interview, that candidate represents us.

This is why it is just as important to make the best first impression with your recruiter as it is to an interviewer at a company. We wanted to give you some pointers on how to conduct yourself when meeting with a recruiter for the first time so you can show what a great asset you are.

If you are not meeting with a recruiter, but preparing for an interview with a company, this will also apply to you.

1. How You Should Dress During an Interview

Dress to impress. Whether you are applying for a part-time job or full-time, always make sure to make a lasting first impression. Business professional is always necessary for a first-interview because it is better to be overdressed than underdressed. Preparing for an interview with an employer is the same as preparing for an interview with a recruiter. Make sure to look presentable and to show up neat and organized. The way you dress is the first thing that catches a recruiter’s eye.

Being dressed professionally will never negatively affect your application, but dressing too casually will. If you need help selecting a tie color, check out an article we wrote on what the tie color you wear says about you.

2. What You Should Prepare for an Interview

The best thing you can do for a job is to do the research first.

If a recruitment agent tells you the company’s name you are applying for, make sure to do all the research on that company beforehand. This will not only impress the recruiter, but also will give you better chances of getting hired.

It is important to do the research because companies want to hire people who will go above and beyond the necessary steps they are asked of. A company most likely won’t ask you to check out their website or social media before an interview, but if you do, that shows that you want to work for the company more than the one who showed up unprepared.

Make sure if a recruitment agent asks you to bring in anything for the meeting, do not forget. This will show that you have a good memory and that you are organized and ready to go.

Even if not asked to bring in anything, always bring in something to write on just in case there is a lot of information. The more attentive you are during the meeting, the higher chances the recruitment agent will recommend you over other top talents.

3. Updated Resume


In addition, update your resume, know what is on it, and bring a couple of copies of it to the meeting. This holds true for both meeting with a recruitment agency and preparing for an interview in general.

If you are asked a question, never say, “It is on my resume,” rather answer their question by answering it directly to them. A recruitment agency is here to help you, but is also looking for help in return. They do not want to give a bad candidate to a client company because that will tarnish their reputation.

Another major thing you can do that will make you stand out in a crowd is ask questions. If you have a question you need to be answered, feel free to ask. Never leave an interview or a meeting with a recruitment agent with questions.

Lastly, make sure to review top questions asked during interviews, to make sure you are fully prepared to answer everything in full detail and honestly. If you are trying to prepare for a group interview, make sure to stay on topic and not to be overwhelmed by the other individuals there!

4. What is the Proper Etiquette in an Interview

Make sure you are nice and courteous during the meeting with a recruitment agency. They are the first ones to meet you and the first ones to recommend you to their client companies. A positive interview or meeting starts with the right attitude. If you want to learn more about what not to say, check this out.

One of the rudest things you could do during an interview/ meeting would be looking at your phone while the recruitment agent or hiring agent is talking. This would be a deal-breaker for many recruitment agents. Make sure to turn off your phone or put it on silent and keep it in your pocket. The only reason for you to take your phone out during a meeting with a recruitment agency would be if it was an absolute emergency.

5. What not to Bring to An Interview

Do not bring food or drinks with you.

Meetings with a recruiter do not take long. On average, a meeting/ interview can take around an hour. What may be a good idea is to bring a quick snack in your car and eat it right before you go in. Either that or keep the snack in your car and eat it after your meeting. Most of the time, a recruitment agency will offer water to you during your interview, but if you are worried about being thirsty during an interview, bring a bottle of water, stay away from smoothies or coffee. This is different for everyone, but to be safe and stay away from bringing any drinks with you.

6. Schedule a Ride and Stay on Track

Coming alone to a meeting with a recruitment agency may be self-explanatory, but it can happen. Make sure if you are coming in for a meeting with a recruitment agent, don’t have anyone come in with you. Even if you came with someone, have them wait outside until you are done.

The last thing is to not veer off track. Tell the recruitment agency exactly what you want to do for a career. Being open to everything makes the job more difficult for them. Bring up what you want to do and what you don’t want to do because this will get you the best results and you will be happy where you are placed.

Most importantly, whether it is an interview with a company or a meeting with a recruiter, make sure to not go off track about why you are there. Answer each question as detailed and concise as possible. The recruitment agent doesn’t want to hear every detail about your life, but they do want the highlights.

Now that you know the top 5 ways to prepare for a meeting with a recruiter, you will be more prepared to get the job that you will love! Contact City Personnel if you are looking for a job in RI or MA!

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