5 Ways to Successfully Work from Home


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With more and more people are working from home, productivity may be easier said than done. Whether you’ve got the kids running around, lack the right equipment, or experiencing the occasional wifi hiccup, a little planning in this new world of work can go a long way to help you succeed. Here are 5 tips to get you started.

Choose a dedicated work space.

To help you get in the right frame of mind, carve out a separate space where you are free of distractions. Try not to make it near a bed or a TV, ensuring that your office space emulates that of a true work environment.

Set boundaries.

Try to have some rules about when you’ll finish your workday; or have a door that you can shut on your work when 6pm comes. It can be especially hard when the segue from work to family can be 10 seconds instead of being able to decompress on a 60 minute commute. You might find it useful to go for a walk at the end of the day too, to give you a few minutes’ separation.

Have some social interaction.

Working from home can be lonely. So make sure you have some calls through your computer or telephone with fellow team members where you not only catch up on the projects you’re working on but also can share some tips on how you’re getting on with remote working.

Check in with your supervisor.

Your supervisor has the added challenge of leading you when you are not physically present, so stay proactive and give updates when needed.

Take breaks.

You may want to consider operating in smaller spurts while making your schedule, allowing yourself time to separate from the screen, helping you both mentally and physically. Without a break room and co-workers around, you may forget to take time away from your desk. When you take breaks, you’ll be more productive.

Our recruiters are taking the steps necessary to keep ourselves and our candidates, employees, and community safe during these difficult times. At our RI staffing and recruiting agency, one of the ways we are putting forth precautions is by offering video interviews in lieu of in-person interviews at this time. We would like to encourage anyone who is actively job searching to continue their search, and submit their resume for consideration for any clients looking to hire now, and in the near future. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns, and remember to keep calm and carry on!

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