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City Personnel Wins ClearlyRated’s 2021 Best of Staffing Client Award

Clients of winning agencies are twice as likely to be completely satisfied.

PROVIDENCE, RI – FEBRUARY, 2021 – We are happy to announce that City Personnel, a leading staffing agency in Providence, RI, has won the Best of Staffing Client Award for providing superior service to our clients. Presented in partnership with presenting sponsor CareerBuilder and gold sponsors Indeed &, ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing® Award winners have proven to be industry leaders in service quality. On average, clients of winning agencies are twice as likely to be completely satisfied with the services provided compared to those working with non-winning agencies.

  • We received satisfaction scores of 9 or 10 out of 10 from 88.5% of our clients, higher than the industry’s average of 38%.
  • We received a Net Promoter® Score of 84.6%, significantly higher than the industry’s average of 28% in 2020.
  • Lastly, we received ratings from 41.3% of our clients, giving a comprehensive view into the high quality service this firm provides across the company.

We are happy to share this news with our clients, candidates, and employees. We will continue to provide the best service to our client companies and prove to you that we are a leading staffing agency in Providence, RI. We want to share with you what some of our current clients have said about us.

“City Personnel takes the time to really understand our organizational culture and listens carefully to the specific staffing requirements. They treat the relationship as a partnership versus a transactional occurrence and their team members are polite, responsive, and extremely professional. City Personnel is the exclusive go-to partner for our temporary staffing needs and the quality of resources is so strong that we have actually converted several of their candidates to full-time salaried employees of our firm.” – Anonymous

“Our experience working with City Personnel has been such a success for us. They listen to our job requirements, understand the culture of our office, and quickly supply favorable and hirable candidates to invest our time in training. Everyone at City Personnel is responsive and a pleasure to work with. Not to mention the weight that is lifted off of our shoulders to fill a position. I have highly recommended them to peers along with friends that may be searching for a job.” – Anonymous

“After one of the most turbulent years in modern history, winners of the 2021 Best of Staffing award have proven their commitment to go above and beyond in support of their clients and placed talent,” said ClearlyRated’s CEO and Founder, Eric Gregg. “These service leaders have demonstrated their capacity to be agile, to be precise, and to prioritize the client and talent experience above all else. It is my honor to celebrate and showcase the 2021 Best of Staffing winners alongside feedback from their actual clients and placed talent on!”

About ClearlyRated

Rooted in satisfaction research for professional service firms, ClearlyRated utilizes a Net Promoter® Score survey program to help professional service firms measure their service experience, build online reputation, and differentiate on service quality. Learn more at

About Best of Staffing
ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing® Award is the only award in the U.S. and Canada that recognizes staffing agencies that have proven superior service quality based entirely on ratings provided by their clients and placed talent. Award winners are showcased by city and area of expertise on—an online business directory that helps buyers of professional services find service leaders and vet prospective firms with the help of validated ratings and testimonials.

We are so excited to see what 2021 has in store for us. Receiving this award shows our dedication to customer service, supplying the best staffing solutions for our clients, and our trustworthiness within this business. We will continue to provide the highest quality staffing solutions for our clients. Thank you everyone!

If you are interested in working with us, visit our website or call us at (401) 331-2311.

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