How Do You Find a Job You Love

How Do You Find a Job You Love

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How Do You Find A Job You Love? Follow these 10 Steps.

You may ask yourself, “How do I find a job that I will love?” The last thing anyone wants is to be unhappy going to work every day. Recently, upwards of 40% of workers are considering quitting their current job, which is being considered the “great resignation.”

This “great resignation” is mostly because of the lack of work/life balance due to COVID-19. If you landed on this article and are a part of those who are seeking other work, you came to the right place. No one likes to start fresh. Many people show up to a job they hate every day because they don’t want to start fresh elsewhere and risk getting a job they hate even more than their current one. However, sometimes it is worth the risk.

If you are stuck on whether you should risk leaving your current job because you are worried about finding a job you love, you came to the right place. Here are 10 steps for you on how do you can find a job you love. 

Figure Out What You Want From A Job

Every interview usually asks a similar question, “Why do you think this is a good fit for you,” or “What is your goal in the next 5-10 years.” Employers do this for a reason. They want to understand who you are and what type of work you are looking for.

Do the Research

The first thing you should do is go on a job search engine (Indeed or Glassdoor) and look through the field you are looking to get into. There are so many sites out there that will let you see what kind of jobs fit your specific need. See what each job requires and eliminate the ones you don’t think will be the right fit.

Sometimes a job description will include 10 things you love doing and 1 thing you don’t. A decision needs to be made on whether or not you still want to apply for the position. Usually, every job has a few responsibilities that are unfavorable. However, if the majority of it is responsibilities are stuff you love doing, consider applying!

Look up Job Details Online

After graduating from college, you may not know exactly what you want to do. If you are having trouble finding a job title that fits your personality and skillset, go to MyMajors. MyMajors will break down all the positions you may qualify for, including requirements, duties, and more. It is important to do your research beforehand to help you find new job titles that you may not even know existed!

Only Apply for Jobs that You Can See Yourself Liking

I am sure everyone has heard, “A job is a job. It doesn’t have to be perfect.” This is very true. No job is perfect, but some are better than others. However, if you know what you like and don’t like, only apply to places that will make you happy. A company will always hire a fun, energetic candidate over one that is grumpy and doesn’t want to be there.

On another note, it is good to try out new jobs that you are unsure of because sometimes you will be surprised at how much you end up liking it. However, if you know it isn’t going to be a good fit, do not apply.

Find Different Ways to Apply for Jobs

Not all jobs are on one job search site. We all know of Indeed and Glassdoor, but there are many other places to find jobs. Whether you search through a newspaper, go to your local business, browse craigslist for job openings, or even work with staffing agencies, all these places are set up to help you get the job you will love. If you are stuck on answering the question, “how do you find a job you love?” Look at places where you don’t usually look.

Important Note: Many times, companies will have a staffing agency do the hiring for them. Getting involved in a staffing agency can be an easier way to find a job that fits your needs and wants best.

Stay Open for New Opportunities

You never want to confine yourself. Always look outside the box when it comes to job search, whether that is before you apply or after you get hired.

If you are applying for a job and the job description is very limited, bring it up to the employer on some ideas you may have on what else you could do. An employer will usually never say no to an idea that will generate more money.

Check Daily

The quicker you are to apply, the more likely your resume will be seen. When a company posts a job on Indeed or Glassdoor, they usually filter through who was the first to apply and check each day. Once they find a great candidate, they may stop looking at new applicants because they plan to hire that one person. Even though you may have been a better candidate, they may have never had a chance to see your resume because you applied too late. This is why you should be checking every day for new job opportunities.

Sometimes applying every day can get tedious, but the outcome is worth it. This is another reason why a temp agency like City Personnel would be of benefit to you. We help our candidates with tips on how to write an effective resumehow to master your elevator pitch, and much more!

Do Not be too Picky

When it comes to work, most of us want an easy, not stressful job with great pay.

With little to no prior experience in the field you are looking to get into, the pay rate you will get will reflect that. Someone coming out of college can’t expect a 6-figure income with no prior experience. Make sure you aren’t missing out on a great job opportunity just by being too picky. Be open!

Figure Out Your Long-Term Focus

What do you want long-term? It is good to express your future goals to the company hiring you to see if you will be a good fit. If your goals don’t match theirs, it is better to learn that before you get hired than after.

If you are looking to grow within a company, make sure the position is right for you. Ask them if there is room for growth within the position, and feel free to express your concerns.

Ask Questions

This is the last but the most important thing to keep in mind to find the job you love. As said in the last paragraph, ask questions! This is the best way to get an idea of the company you are working for. Most of the time, the employer will forget some details in the job description or during the interview, so make sure if you have a question, ask! The interview is both for the employer and the candidate to see if it will be the right fit. The same goes for when you meet with a recruiter

Make sure you dress professionally for the interview and pick out the right colored tie! Yes, tie colors have meanings.

After reading these 10 ways on “how do you find a job you love,” are you ready to start looking? See a full list of our job openings at!

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