Maximize Your Productivity: Planning

Maximize Your Productivity

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Use Sunday to Your Advantage

Sunday’s are meant for relaxation, but taking 30 minutes to an hour out of your day to plan the week ahead will give you a huge advantage to maximize your productivity come Monday morning. You’ll get a grasp of your workload, and will be able to schedule in enough time to ensure you get everything done.

The reason this is so beneficial is that you’ll no longer be scrambling to meet deadlines at the last minute. You also won’t have to worry about forgetting those important meetings and phone calls either. It’s also important to note important dates that are coming in the near future. When you plan your week on Sunday, you’ll feel confident and prepared to take on the week Monday morning.

Review the Previous Week

Reflecting on the previous week will give you a chance to review your accomplished tasks, and add any unfinished work to your new planned schedule. It will also give you a chance to reevaluate the importance of any task that was not completed. Ask yourself if it is still important, if not eliminate those tasks.

You may also use this reflection period to celebrate any major accomplishments from the previous week. Did you receive good feedback from your boss? Did you finally figure out a solution to an ongoing problem? Celebrating your accomplishments will make you feel great and excited about the week ahead.

Get Your Tasks in Order

To get started with planning your time, you’ll want to begin by listing all the tasks you have on your to-do list. Then, you’ll need to prioritize them by listing everything in order of importance. The worst thing you can do is add more stress to your week by rushing to finish something right before it’s due.

If you have tasks that don’t have set deadlines in place, assign them deadlines. How important is that task? How soon would you like to complete it? How much time is it going to take you? Make sure to give yourself realistic due dates. Don’t give yourself a day to complete something that you know is really going to take 3 days. That will only lead to a schedule clash.

Deadlines need to be manageable. There are a variety of helpful task management sites/apps that make your life a lot easier. Google calendarTodoistWunderlist and the list goes on. Color-coding features for task items are a big help as well.

Schedule Your Days

Let’s be honest, some days are just more hectic than others and times of each day may be faster paced than others. For example, if your Wednesday mornings are slower than any other day, you may want to schedule your tougher tasks during those hours.

If your Friday is more hectic than any other day of the week, you might want to schedule your simpler tasks for that day. Be mindful of the priority level of each task when scheduling your days.

Finally, you’ll have an organized week planned ahead. Not only that, but your tasks will be planned out in a way that’s most efficient. You can maximize the time you have and increase your productivity.

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