New Opportunities: Advice for Recent Graduates


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Imagine you are a hungry (hungry) hippo, and job opportunities are delicious, bite-sized marbles rolling all around you. You want to eat as many as you can so you can grow with experience.



All Jobs Requiring Experience?

More often than not, hiring managers want a candidate who will need minimum training, as training takes up valuable company time and money. This is something that not a lot of graduates realize when they’re fresh out college.

So how do you defeat the old “Catch 22”, where you can’t get a job because you lack experience, but you need a job to gain experience? You do this by being smart and starting small. Start at a modest company or office who’s looking for someone to fill minor roles. Maybe it’s an administrative or reception position, or even a call center. Though these jobs are by no means glamorous, they give you excellent necessary basic skills (also known as “soft skills”) that employers will look for later on down the road.

Your dream job is not going to be waiting right outside for you as soon as you graduate.

In fact, your dream job has been thrown onto the roof of a building, and your only hope to retrieving it is to fashion a ladder made out of the basic skills you’ve acquired through various positions. You will need to work your way up from the bottom. As disheartening as this sounds, it’s not something to be ashamed or scared of.

Instead, view everything as a learning experience. Where you start out will not always be where you end up. View every opportunity as another step on your dream career ladder. Every job you take will have something valuable to take away, whether it’s learning how to file documents properly, or how to appropriately deal with a disgruntled customer.

Be hungry for the opportunities. Meet new people and create new connections. You will never succeed if you don’t try, and you will never grow your career if you refuse to plant and water it. With the pressure many young adults feel to be successful right away, remember that anything worth having won’t be easy, and it will take a lot of time. But that is ok, because even the world’s largest names had to start somewhere.

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