Should You Use Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom?

Should You use Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom?

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Have you had an important Zoom meeting or Zoom interview and were worried your kid would make an appearance in the background? When it comes to doing virtual meetings, you can’t expect to have them go smoothly every time. However, there are ways to prevent some awkward situations on Zoom with these tips! One of these tips is you using virtual backgrounds for Zoom!

Plain Wall as Your Background

Even if your room is clean and decluttered, it can still be distracting for hiring managers. The best background to have on your next Zoom Interview is none at all, just a blank wall. When you sit in front of a wall with no posters or photos, the hiring manager has nothing else to focus on other than you. Even hiring managers aren’t perfect. They are human, just like you and me. If you are in a clean room, their eyes may still wonder while you are speaking. They could be distracted by your dog on your bed or the photos on your bedroom wall. Having the least distracting background is the best.

If you do not have time to set up your room for a Zoom Interview, go out to your car and do it in there. Doing a Zoom Interview in a vehicle will only be distracting if you start driving. If you do the Zoom Interview in your car, make sure you are parked and have no one else in the car with you.

Shut Your Door

I am sure you have seen the video of two kids entering their dad’s office while he was on an important Zoom call with a news station. It can happen. However, being prepared is the best way to prevent this. Ensuring that everyone in your home knows when your Zoom is will help prevent any awkward moments. Also, merely shutting the door to the room you are using can help keep any animals or small children out.

Use a Virtual Background

If the previous two do not work for you, your last resort is to use a virtual background for your Zoom Interview. However, using a virtual background can be more distracting than a cluttered room if you choose the wrong virtual background. Choosing a background in space or on a beach can be fun for a Zoom with friends, but if you are doing a Zoom Interview, have either a plain wall background or bookshelf. The simpler the background, the better.

The only reason you use a virtual background is if you can’t find a space in your home or car that is decluttered and professional. For a list of Zoom backgrounds, visit Also, if the man in the video above used a virtual background, the video would have never have captured this moment!

For more Zoom Interviews tips, make sure to check out our blog page! Did you like our post on Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom?

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