Simple Ways to Spread Kindness in the Workplace

Simple Ways to Spread Kindness in the Workplace

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A small group of committed people can change the world. It is indeed the only thing that ever has. MARGARET MEAD

November 13th | World Kindness Day

There are remarkable benefits to spreading kindness at work. Kindness creates a positive ripple that affects the whole workplace culture, creating a more harmonious environment in the office and life in general. Spreading kindness is shown to improve relationships, reduce stress, and even lower blood pressure.

Here are a few easy, but extremely impactful ways to bring kindness to your workplace that can inspire a common practice all year round.

Offer praise, advice or help:

  • Say “thank you” in person, or with a thoughtfully written note.
  • Champion another person’s idea
  • Offer advice to a coworker who may be struggling
  • Write someone a note or send an email of praise
  • Tell your manager how he or she has helped you grow in your job
  • Commend a coworker to his or her manager
  • Pitch in, unasked, when someone’s overloaded with work
  • Handle a team member’s irate customer
  • Connect a colleague to a person in your business network
  • Share positive news (as opposed to rumor and gossip)

Other Small Acts of Kindness:

  • Bring in coffee, tea or snacks for your department
  • Offer to help a colleague with a project
  • Ask colleagues about their lives—their interests or families are easy places to start
  • Be positive, smile and greet everyone by name
  • Hold open doors
  • Don’t check your phone when you’re with others
  • Invite a new hire to lunch
  • Remember others’ birthdays
  • Clean up a common area at your workplace

Kindness is contagious. At our RI recruitment agency, we try to practice kindness on a daily basis, whether it’s bringing in a treat to share in the breakroom, or celebrating a co-worker’s birthday as a team. When we’re kind, we inspire others to be kind, and they inspire others to do the same … and on and on. So spread kindness at work—and cultivate a workplace culture that will improve happiness and productivity simultaneously!

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