Tips for Time Management

Keeping Time on Your Side Tips for Time Management

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“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” ― Mother Theresa

A Few Tips for Better Time Management

With the arrival of Daylight Savings Time, we are reminded of just how precious our time is. With the right approach, you can work efficiently, productively, and relatively stress-free. To minimize the frustration of not having enough time in the day, here are six tips to improve your time management:

1. Use a to-do list

This may seem obvious, but writing out your list of daily to-do’s helps you to reiterate your goals and stay focused. Try categorizing your list by writing the most important and urgent tasks at the top that must be addressed today.  This will provide you with a sense of accomplishment and can motivate you to tackle less essential items.


2. Use an online calendar.

Calendars have long been a fundamental tool for time management. However, online calendars have taken this to the next level, because you can access it from multiple devices, easily schedule meetings and appointments, set up reminders, create time blocks, and schedule recurring events.


3. Just say “No.”

Most people have a hard time saying no, but you can only handle so much. If you already have a full plate then decline that dinner invitation or helping your colleagues on a project until you have the spare time.


4. Find inspiration.

Using inspirational sources like a TED Talk or even getting up from your desk and getting some fresh air is a simple way to reignite that fire to get yourself motivated and back-on-track.


5. Expect the unexpected.

It’s inevitable: things don’t always go as planned. People who manage their time effectively do so by staying proactive; they block off time every day to manage those unexpected obstacles.


6. Take care of yourself.

Include necessary breaks and a sensible quitting time in your schedule. Most importantly, be sure to get plenty of sleep and exercise; an alert mind is an effective mind!


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