Tips to Motivate your Employees

Tips to Motivate your Employees

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Ever notice that the higher the outdoor temp, the lower the productivity? No one likes to be cooped up in the office when they could be soaking up the sun. It’s natural for employees to become distracted from their work, thinking about weekend plans or an upcoming vacation.

But there are ways to keep morale and productivity up through the long summer months. Here are our tips to summer-proof the workplace.

Be flexible.

Celebrate Summertime as a team and host employee outings. Throw team events and parties like a picnic or BBQ, an ice cream break, a group sports outing or an after-work happy hour. These activities will not only boost employee happiness but set your team up to be more engaged and productive over the long-term.

Encourage your employees to use their vacation time as well. Stepping away from the office is a great way to relax and recharge. You can set goals and reward high performing employees with tickets or free hotel stays. Travel incentives are unique opportunities and ultimate motivators for those employees with wanderlust.

Additionally, your dress code should be more casual during the hot summer months. Employers can even experiment with themed days to wear fun summertime items such as hats or Hawaiian shirts.

Get to know your team.

Investing time into getting to know your employees can increase the dedication they have to their work, no matter what time of year. Create a space where your employees feel understood so that they can feel connected. Some people will value more time with their families, while others will value continuing education or mentorship. Actively listen to your people and use this to find out what drives them.

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