What is Quiet Quitting?

what is quiet quitting

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Recently, I have seen it all on TikTok regarding work. From 20-year-olds letting me know that all I have to do to become a millionaire is to buy vending machines or learning that drop-shipping is the best way to get rich fast. However, what has been posted more recently on my TikTok feed is something called quiet quitting, but what is it?

What is Quiet Quitting?

The term quiet quitting sounds terrible. When I first heard of this new term, I assumed it meant people were quitting their jobs without letting their employers know. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Honestly, after reading this article, you may even start quiet quitting yourself.

Quiet quitting refers to taking a step back and quitting the idea of going above and beyond in your current role.

While this may seem bad, it may benefit some workers. Workers constantly overworking themselves and putting in 80-hour work weeks will burn out. Working too often and stressing about work WILL hurt your mental health. Candidates are realizing that taking a step back may be the best thing for their health in the long run.

In this job market, candidates have more power than before, which has caused many to push back against working outside the traditional 9-5 and focusing on their mental health and family more than work.

While this may seem like a new idea, people have been doing this for years, but just recently, there is a term associated with it.

One TikTok user stated that he has been doing this for years and said, “I still work just as hard. I still get just as much accomplished. I just don’t stress and internally rip myself to shreds.”

Quiet quitting isn’t about doing the bare minimum. It is about recognizing that there is more to life than work.

Employee Engagement

Why is quiet quitting becoming more popular? Well, quiet quitting usually has a direct correlation with employee engagement. The more engaged employees are at work, the more likely they will go above and beyond for the position. Recently, employee engagement is at an all-time low, especially among the younger generations.

According to a recent Gallup survey, U.S. employee engagement is falling, but those born in 1989 and after reported the lowest engagement in the first quarter at only 31%. That means only 1 in every 3 employees in this generation is engaged at work.

The main reason for employee engagement to be low for the younger generation is that they don’t feel like their work has a purpose. The employees to feel like their work doesn’t have a purpose are the ones who are more likely to work passively and look out for themselves over their employers.

What Will Happen to these Quiet Quitters?

Right now, employees can work passively and not give all their effort because there aren’t many great candidates looking for work. However, if the economy sours, less-engaged workers may be at more risk of being laid off.

We want to remind you that just because you are a quiet quitter doesn’t mean you have to be less engaged at work or do the bare minimum. Being a quitter is not about being lazy. It is about knowing there is more to life than work. Stop working to the point of burnout. However, do the best you can when you are on the clock!

What are your thoughts on quiet quitting? Are you already a quiet quitter or do you plan on becoming one?

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