10 Ways to Get Involved with Earth Day

earth day

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Amid social distancing restrictions, we’re coming up with creative ways to celebrate Earth Day’s 50th anniversary safely and responsibly. Follow CP’s ideas to celebrate the planet and learn ways to take care of it without wandering too far from home.

1. Pick up litter around your neighborhood.

This Earth Day, help clean up the planet by spending time picking up litter around your neighborhood. Encourage your friends and family to get involved by picking a spot to clean around their neighborhood as well!

2. Plan your own Earth Day science experiment.

Try out a fun science experiment to show how different disasters can impact our world. For example, you can pour oil into a bath tub to demonstrate how hard it is to clean up, and why it’s so important to prevent oil spills from destroying our oceans.

3. Build a birdhouse or bird feeder.

Create a birdhouse or bird feeder from recyclable materials, such as a milk jug, to help out your feathered friends.

4. Brainstorm energy-friendly ideas for around the house.

Cut back on energy waste and come up with a list of ideas that will make your home save energy, such as switching to LED bulbs, turning off the AC when you’re not home and other simple, energy-efficient ideas.

5. Go on a nature scavenger hunt.

Learn about local flora and fauna by searching for flowers, plants and trees native to your region. To help guide your search, look for a list of local plants online!

6. Start a compost bin in your backyard.

This environmentally sustainable method of disposing veggie scraps and other biodegradable waste items not only decreases the amount of garbage you generate and send to landfills, but also produces a nutrient-rich compost mix that can improve your garden!

7. Have dinner by candlelight.

Switch off the lights and enjoy your dinner by candlelight — or if you’re up for a challenge, put on a blindfold and have the family guess what’s for dinner!

8. Pledge to stop drinking bottled water.

There are plenty of alternatives out there, and if you stop drinking bottled water, you can save a lot of plastic that would otherwise be filling up landfills and dumps.

9. Cook yourself a plant-based meal.

Plant-based diets not only offer health benefits, but they are also more sustainable than diets loaded with meat and dairy. While going vegan or vegetarian might seem daunting, adding one or two plant-based meals to your week can lower your carbon footprint.

10. Make an Earth Day window sign.

Speak up from home and encourage activism by letting neighbors know how to get involved with an Earth Day window sign!

Our RI Staffing and Employment Agency is always looking for ways to integrate sustainability into our business. We strive to make small changes in the office that can make a huge impact, and encourage our employees to live a more sustainable life. This year we’re making an impact by going paperless, ensuring our office is working in a more environmentally friendly way!

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