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City Personnel’s Salary Guide provides an easy way to keep up with the changing compensation landscape and make sure you’re offering salaries that match current industry trends. 

Whether you need to adjust your company’s pay range or are considering extending an offer, our comprehensive guide enables you to make data-driven decisions with confidence!

Are you wondering how much your skills are worth in this job market, or are you an employer that wants to compensate your employees fairly? This 2023 Salary Guide can help!

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City Personnel's 2023 Salary Guide provides a competitive salary breakdown of 300+ jobs across multiple industries, including:

Human Resources:

Marketing Salaries:

Healthcare Salaries:

Technology Salaries:

Administrative Salaries:

Finance & Accounting Salaries:

Legal Salaries:

Salary Statistics

When it salary, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the job market. While you may think you are being underpaid for your work at your current job, the fact is that 86% of employees that feel underpaid are actually paid above market rates.

Stay up-to-date on the latest salary trends with our 2023 Salary Guide.

Only 32%
Only 32% of workers feel like they're paid fairly, according to a new Gartner survey.
Just 35%
Just 35% of HR professionals say their company has a transparent pay policy, according to a Salaryy.com survey from the fall of 2021.
86% of employees surveyed believe they are paid at market or below market when they are actually paid above market rates.

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