40 Job Search Tips to Set You Up for Success

40 job search tops to set you up for success

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Are you seeking work and not sure where to start? Well, you’re in luck! We want to help you get back to work. We created a list of 40 job search tips to help you find the job of your dreams. Even if you only follow a few of these job search tips, we guarantee you will have a successful job search!

The most extended list of job search tips on the internet is right here. No need to look further! If you are looking to get a job, follow these job search tips!

Job Search Tips


Research the industry you are looking to join.

The first job search tip out of the 40 job search tips we have is to DO YOUR RESEARCH. Researching information can be overlooked by many because they may think they already know what they want to do, but that may not be the case. Researching should be the first step when you do anything. Do you buy a movie without looking at reviews? Research is critical in anything you do.

Take time to research your industry, different job titles, and the requirements of the positions you are looking to apply for. Research will help you find exactly what job titles you want to be looking for. An example of this is the term Secretary can also be referred to as Receptionist and Assistant online. Instead of limiting your search to only Medical Secretary job openings, you will now be able to look for Medical Receptionist jobs as well!

Network with friends and family.

We are in the day and age that sometimes it’s not about what you know; it is about who you know. Reaching out to friends and family is always a great way to find work. Sometimes, a family member or friend will help you get a job at the company they are currently working for.

Networking with family and friends is a great way to meet new people in new industries. There is always a chance you meet a friend of a friend that works for a company you want to be employed with.

Clean up social media accounts.

Maybe back five years ago, you weren’t too worried about who saw your embarrassing photos on your social media account, but things have changed. Employers will commonly look you up on social media before hiring you. Make sure what you post is appropriate for work. If not, delete it!

To learn more about ways social media can help and hurt your job search, check out our blog!

Create a LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is by far one of the best networking platforms on the internet. Creating a LinkedIn nowadays is almost as important as having a resume. Take 30 minutes to sign up for a free account and fully update your LinkedIn for employers to find you.

There are many awesome features on LinkedIn that make it easier for recruiters to find your account. To learn more about how to make a professional LinkedIn profile, check out our blog!

Create a Resume.

The first step before applying for jobs is to create a resume. I am sure mostly all of you already have one, but if not, create one now! This is the MOST important tip on this list of job search tips. A well-written resume will help you find a job much quicker.

Connect with people on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the best way to network. Connecting with business professionals has never been easier. Take time to log onto LinkedIn and connect with people you know or people you would like to know. LinkedIn recommends connecting with no more than 50 connection requests per day, but I only stop connecting when I use up all my connections for the week, which is 100!

Develop your skills.

What skills do you have that will help you succeed in your industry? If you are a Marketer, are you familiar with SEO, Google Analytics, etc.? If not, take time to develop more skills!

A great way to see if you are experienced with certain programs is to log onto LinkedIn and take skill assessments. It doesn’t hurt you if you fail a skill assessment because only you will know if you did. If you don’t pass, it may be time to learn more about that program or subject.

On the other hand, if you do pass, then that skill will be displayed to all LinkedIn users that see your profile. Let’s say you are a Marketer and you passed the SEO assessment on LinkedIn. Now if a recruiter visits your profile to fill their job opening, they will see that you passed the SEO skill assessment! Only 30% of people who take a skill assessment pass, so if you pass, you know your stuff!

Research companies in the industry.

Researching companies in the industry you want to work in will help you get a better understanding of where you want to work. If you are a Recruiter, you probably will find that City Personnel is one of the best staffing agencies in RI!

Work with a Staffing Agency.

Staffing agencies are a free resource for job seekers. Yes, completely free. It is a good idea to work with a staffing agency because they will find you a job, improve your resume, give you job search tips, and be there if you have any questions.

Check for job openings daily.

We are not halfway through these job search tips. Are you feeling stressed out? Don’t be, we understand that 40 job search tips are a lot, but follow as many as you can, especially this one.

Companies can fill job openings within a few days. Don’t miss out on any opportunity. Check daily for job openings. The worst thing you can do is miss out on a job opportunity because you took a week off from applying.

Set time aside to prepare for interviews.

Taking 15-20 minutes to practice what you will say in an interview will help immensely. When on an interview, don’t just “wing it.” Take the time to prepare questions to ask the employer, look into commonly asked interview questions, and prepare what you will say on the interview.

Follow up with companies you interview with.

The most overlooked step by most interviewers is not reaching out to the company after the interview. Sometimes that extra email sent may help them decide to offer you the position over another candidate.

HR Statistics for Following up After Interview Job Search Tips

Check all job boards.

Companies choose certain job boards over others. Don’t limit yourself to only Indeed. Companies can post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and many others. Sometimes companies even use Craigslist… Check every job board you can to not miss out on any opportunities.

Get organized.

Take time to get organized. Keep track of where you apply, when you apply, and the job title you apply for. Also, keep your files organized, so it is easy to send information when companies ask for it. We suggest having a folder on your desktop with your reference, cover letter template, and resume!

Create an elevator pitch.

Having an elevator pitch ready is very important. You never know who you are going to meet and when. You could be walking your dog and accidentally bump into Jeff Bezos. You always want to be prepared just in case.

Have professional clothing ready to wear.

Prepare your closet. What happens if you get a call to come in for an interview that day? If you don’t own a suit, buying one is the first step. Have a professional outfit ready to go, just in case. The last thing you want is to go on an interview with an outfit that is wrinkled. Always dress for success!

Positive Mindset.

It is easy to get disappointed when you apply to a handful of jobs and not receive one call back. However, having a positive mindset will help you stay motivated with your job search. There is the perfect job out there for you. You just have to find it!

Build your experience.

How much experience do you have in your field? If you only have that one internship from a year ago, you may want to build your experience by doing part-time work or taking classes online. Taking classes online can get expensive, but several websites provide free certificates while helping you learn. Some websites include Hubspot, Google Analytics, and Coursera.

Be patient.

If you are this far on these job search tips, I am sure you are a patient individual. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so you shouldn’t expect your career to either. We have heard stories from recent graduates that it took months for them to find work. Be patient. Understand that the hiring process takes longer than a couple of weeks. Keep applying!

Don’t give up.

The biggest mistake you can make is giving up. That one week you took a break from applying to job openings could’ve been the week the company you love posted your dream job. Because you were actively online, you never got the chance to see the job posting. Remember, consistency is essential. Consistently check all the job boards.

Job Search Tips Halfway

Apply to jobs you aren’t fully qualified for.

If there is a job opening that you don’t meet all the requirements for, still apply. Here is an example of what we are talking about…

Let’s say the job requirements include the following: 2 years of previous work experience, experience in a fast-paced environment, strong attention to detail, Bachelor’s Degree, proficiency in QuickBooks and Microsoft Office, and experience with working in a call center.

Most of the time, these requirements aren’t held to the highest of standards. If you fit 75% of the requirements, then still apply. 

If you had all these requirements except for experience in a call center, still apply! Companies are willing to overlook some requirements if you fit the majority of the other requirements. That being said, if a job requires eight years of experience and you only have 1-2, then I would hold off applying because that would be a waste of your time and theirs.

Consider Temp Work.

Temporary work may be the best option for you if you aren’t able to find work. Temp work is work for a specific period of time, which will help you build your resume and experience. You can find temp work at a staffing agency near you!


Volunteering can actually help build your resume immensely. Non-profits sometimes post their volunteer opportunities online in hopes of someone in that field will help them. If you are a graphic designer, there are many opportunities for volunteering to design brochures or other marketing materials for non-profits. They usually accept all the help they can get, so if you are having trouble and want to build your resume, start volunteering your skills!

Pick up the phone.

Don’t send random numbers to voicemail. Yes, 80% of the time it is a telemarketer. But if it is a company calling you back about your application, you don’t want to miss out on the chance to talk to them right away. The worst thing you can do is deny their call and then have to play phone tag with them.

Go beyond online applications.

Back 20 years ago, applying online for jobs was rare. Rather, people would go to the place of business and apply. You can still do this! It shows initiative, and I am sure they will remember you because no one does this anymore.

Proofread everything.

When it comes to anything you send to an employer, make sure to proofread. If there are spelling mistakes on a resume or cover letter, some employers will automatically disqualify that candidate. Looking over everything at least once will help you catch errors.

Have someone review your resume.

One step further, have someone else proofread your resume. Sometimes a second set of eyes can catch something that one set of eyes couldn’t. Whatever field you are in, try having someone from the same field read over your resume. They will have great pointers!

Google yourself.

Google your name. What pops up? If the first thing that comes up is a link to your social media, make sure to clean it up. Employers will Google a candidate’s name to see if there are any bad posts, photos, etc. Also, check out Google images. If the first image is of you from 3rd grade in goofy glasses, then it may be time to hide that photo on your Facebook.

Google is a great way for employers to get to research candidates. Make sure Google doesn’t have any inappropriate posts or images of you. We Googled “job search tips,” and we were disappointed in some of the job search tips lists that we found, so we created our own.

Achieve daily goals.

Set goals every day on what you want to accomplish. Whether that is applying to 30 jobs each day or spending 1 hour daily growing your experience, these daily goals are a great way to track your success on the job search! One great goal is to accomplish five of these job search tips every day!

Reach out to people you went to school with.

If you went to college, I am sure you know at least 50 people in your field of study. Reaching out to them and seeing if their work is hiring may be a way to get in with a company. A great way to do this is by connecting with those individuals on LinkedIn.

Have a cover letter template.

Having a cover letter template is extremely important for the job search. There have been times where we have received cover letters with a different companies name on them. Creating a default template with places to fill in company information is a great way to prevent any errors.

Check out MyPerfectCoverLetter.com to see some free cover letter templates!

Have references available.

Have a list of the best references available for when the employer asks for them. This is a pretty simple step that will save you time on the job search!

Reach out to your references.

Don’t have an employer call references that you haven’t talked to in over half a year. Here are more tips about reaching out to references beforehand.

Set up professional voicemail.

If you have a voicemail from when you were in middle school, it is time to change it. Set up a professional voicemail that includes your name and a nice greeting.

Don’t expect the highest salary.

Expecting a salary of 6 figures as a recent college graduate can be detrimental to your job search. Most employers will only pay employees six figures if they have had multiple years of previous work experience (depending on your industry). Don’t expect to receive top money if you only have an internship coming out of school.

Get an internship.

An internship is the best way to gain experience while you are in college. Take time to apply for internships because they will benefit you immensely in the job search. Companies are hesitant to hire candidates with no internship experience if they just graduated. Sometimes taking that unpaid internship may be the best idea for your summer.

Practice interviewing.

Practice makes perfect. Take the time to practice interviewing with a friend or family member. The more you practice, the fewer mistakes you will make at the real job interview!

Set up job alerts.

Want to know when a job is posted right away? Websites like Indeed will let you set up job alerts, so you never miss a job posting ever again! You can set up job alerts for specific companies, job titles, and more.

If you want to know when we add more job search tips to this blog, sign up for our newsletter by emailing marketing@citypersonnel.net!

Take online courses.

Going back to school to take courses may not be the worst idea if you are having trouble finding work. Keep growing your experience and knowledge while looking for jobs!

Learn from others in Industry.

For the last job search tip we have, we want to ask you a question. What have others in your industry have done? If you can’t answer that question, it is time to do your research!

If you are a motivational speaker, check out what other motivational speakers do. Go onto LinkedIn and see what people in your field are doing for work, where they started, and their previous work experience.

Now that you have 40 job search tips, are you ready to find a new job? For more information, or if you want to see our job openings, check out citypersonnel.net!

Did you enjoy our 40 Job Search Tips? If so, check out our article on how to write a professional resume!

One of the most important things that recruiters look at is your resume. Make sure you have a perfect one! 

We hope you enjoyed these 40 job search tips!

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