A Call Center’s Partnership with City Personnel

A call center encountered the task of quickly filling multiple positions, all while operating within a budget-conscious framework. With call center roles being historically high turnover positions paired with limited HR resources, the call center sought a partnership with an external talent acquisition provider to help them identify and hire talent.

In this case study, we will respect our client's privacy by referring to them as 'the Client.'


  • Budget-conscious framework: Influenced by the client’s focus on contractual agreements, resulting in tight profit margins, which subsequently impact their operational budget
  • Historically/Traditionally high turnover roles
  • Immediate need for multiple employees
  • Limited HR resources and personnel


The partnership between the call center and City Personnel achieved the following outcomes:

  1. Since 2021, the Client has achieved multiple successful candidate placements through its partnership with City Personnel.
  2. In response to the budget-conscious framework and limited HR resources, City Personnel provided cost-efficient staffing solutions. By taking responsibility for sourcing, vetting, onboarding, and talent management during the employees’ assignments, the Client saw a reduction in operational costs.
  3. Addressing the historically high turnover roles, City Personnel’s vetting and assessment process, focused on evaluating candidates for long-term commitment, yielded positive results.


  1. Adopting the Client’s Operating Reality: At City Personnel, we prioritize understanding our client’s operating reality. This entails gaining insight into the specific challenges, budget considerations, needs, priorities, and unique objectives within the client’s organization. By immersing ourselves in this operating reality, our recruiters are better equipped to tailor their approach and identify the most suitable candidates who can seamlessly integrate into the client’s environment and contribute to their success.
  2. Talent Sourcing: Utilizing City Personnel’s vast network and talent acquisition expertise, they conducted a comprehensive search in the market to identify potential candidates who matched the criteria outlined in the Client’s operating reality.
  3. Vetting and Assessment: A thorough vetting process was carried out to verify the suitability of every candidate and evaluate their potential for long-term commitment to the company, particularly since the open positions historically experienced high turnover. This process encompassed phone screens/behavioral interviews, assessments of cultural fit, and reference checks.
  4. Budget-Conscious Placement Services: City Personnel’s services were designed to support the Client in efficiently filling roles adhering to budget constraints. 


The strategic partnership between the Client and City Personnel not only successfully addressed the immediate hiring needs within a budget-conscious framework but also improved employee retention rates.

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