A Design Company’s Partnership with City Personnel

The Scandinavian design company, headquartered internationally, has recently established a new office in the New England area and was urgently seeking Sales Account Managers to support both B2B and B2C functions. With the General Manager of North America being new to the area, the company was looking to collaborate with a local recruitment firm for specialized assistance in identifying and onboarding candidates.

In this case study, we will respect our client's privacy by referring to them as 'the Client.'


  • Passport Requirement: Candidates had to possess an active passport, as the first two weeks of their role involved international travel.
  • Specialized Background: Ideal candidates had to possess a unique background and demonstrate proven customer service experience, preferably from a lifestyle, design, or interior brand. Additionally, candidates had to have solid technological ERP skills.
  • Restricted HR Assistance: With the design company’s central HR being based internationally, it resulted in a lack of direct knowledge of the local job market. This impedes their ability to identify suitable local talent and conduct effective screening processes, thereby hindering timely hiring decisions.


The collaboration between the design company and City Personnel yielded the following outcomes:

  1. City Personnel effectively filled the two Sales Account Manager positions within the specified time frame despite the tight deadline outlined in the challenge.
  2. The selected candidates are now nearing their one-year mark in their respective roles, demonstrating their suitability and longevity within the company.


  1. Needs Assessment: Recognizing the challenges faced by the Scandinavian design company with their recent expansion into the New England area and their reliance on international HR resources, City Personnel conducted a thorough assessment. We closely examined the company’s need for Sales Account Managers who could swiftly adapt to their B2B and B2C functions, taking into account the urgency of the hiring timeline and the requirement for candidates with specific experience in lifestyle, design, or interior brands, coupled with solid ERP skills.
  2. Talent Sourcing: Leveraging our deep understanding of the local New England job market and our extensive network, City Personnel embarked on a targeted talent search. Our approach focused on identifying candidates who not only met the company’s unique requirements but also aligned with their corporate culture and values. By leveraging our expertise in candidate screening and selection, we ensured that only the most qualified individuals were presented to the design company for consideration.


As a result of our collaborative effort, the selected candidates are now approaching their one-year anniversaries within their roles, demonstrating their culture fit and longevity within the company. Through strategic talent sourcing and meticulous candidate evaluation, City Personnel enabled the Scandinavian design company to onboard top-tier talent seamlessly, supporting their continued growth and success in the New England market.

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