A Leading Consulting Firm’s Partnership with City Personnel

A leading consulting firm was facing the challenge of scaling their operations rapidly. With a two-person HR department comprising a Director and an HR Assistant, the organization lacked the in-house capacity for full-cycle recruiting. To address this challenge, they sought a partnership with an external talent acquisition provider to help them source, vet, and place qualified candidates.

In this case study, we will respect our client's privacy by referring to them as 'the Client.'


  • Rapid scaling
  • Limited HR resources
  • Need for specialized talent acquisition support


By building a case for interim and temporary-to-permanent talent, the consulting firm achieved the following outcomes:

  1. The Client was able to meet its rapid scaling needs by identifying, vetting, and placing target candidates, ensuring they had the right talent to support their growth strategy.
  2. Over the span of 4 years, our collaboration resulted in over 150 successful placements, contributing to the Client’s sustained growth and success.
  3. By partnering with City Personnel, the Client had built a sustainable talent pipeline that aligned with their long-term objectives and positioned them for future expansion.


  1. Needs Assessment: City Personnel conducted an in-depth analysis of the Client’s hiring needs, identifying target candidate profiles that aligned with their growth objectives.
  2. Talent Sourcing: Leveraging City Personnel’s extensive network and expertise in talent acquisition, they scouted the market for potential candidates who met the criteria defined in the needs assessment.
  3. Vetting and Assessment: A rigorous vetting process was established to ensure the suitability of each candidate. This included phone screens/interviews, cultural fit evaluations, and reference checks.
  4. Placement Services: City Personnel provided seamless coordination and support for onboarding and integration of the selected candidates into the Client’s teams.


The partnership between the Client and City Personnel stands as a testament to the effectiveness of leveraging interim talent solutions to address the challenges of rapid scaling.

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