A Market Research Company’s Partnership with City Personnel

A market research company encountered the challenge of inadequate in-office staffing, as most of their employees were working remotely. Additionally, some of their HR personnel were out of state, thereby losing touch with the local market. Recognizing the need for an advisor with a pulse on the Rhode Island market, and the lack of in-office staff and resources needed to implement a new system in their office, they sought assistance from City Personnel to address their multifaceted staffing needs.

In this case study, we will respect our client's privacy by referring to them as 'the Client.'


  • Lack of knowledge and resources
  • Insufficient staff in office to implement a new system


The partnership between this market research company and City Personnel produced the following results:

  1. Since beginning the partnership in 2022, City Personnel have made several placements in the organization, with all of the contract assignments being extended.
  2. With new talented candidates on their team, the Client was able to start implementing a new system in their office.


  1. Needs Assessment: City Personnel meticulously carried out a comprehensive evaluation of the Client’s recruitment requirements. The team identified and profiled ideal candidates who could align with the client’s objective of integrating a new system into their office operations. This strategic approach was designed to ensure the successful implementation of the new system, ultimately enhancing overall office productivity and efficiency.
  2. Talent Sourcing: Capitalizing on City Personnel’s vast network and proficiency in talent hunting, we surveyed the market to identify potential candidates who fulfilled the requirements outlined during the needs analysis.
  3. Thorough Evaluation and Screening: We implemented an intensive vetting and screening process to confirm the capabilities of each candidate. This extensive procedure includes pre-screening, assessments of alignment with company culture, and thorough reference checks.


This collaboration exemplifies the effectiveness of engaging a staffing agency to address unique staffing needs and find suitable talent. It demonstrates the value of strategic alliances in driving organizational growth and overcoming staffing challenges.

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