An Insurance Company’s Partnership with City Personnel

A local insurance company located in Rhode Island faced challenges in reducing recruitment expenses. Operating without an HR department, they sought a strategic partner to not only streamline their hiring process but also grasp the essence of their unique company culture. In their quest for a tailored solution, they turned to City Personnel for expert assistance in managing their recruitment endeavors.

In this case study, we will respect our client's privacy by referring to them as 'the Client.'


  • No HR department
  • Cut recruitment costs
  • Needed to partner with a staffing agency that understood their company’s culture


The partnership between this local insurance company and City Personnel produced the following results:

  • Since 2015, City Personnel has successfully placed over 20 highly skilled candidates with specialized roles, ensuring a perfect alignment of talent and opportunity.
  • City Personnel significantly streamlined the recruitment process and reduced associated costs for the Client.


  1. Understanding Company Culture: City Personnel conducted an in-person meeting with the local insurance company at their office, aiming to secure a candidate who would not only excel professionally but also seamlessly integrate with the company’s unique culture.
  2. Budget-Conscious Placement Services: City Personnel’s services were designed to support the Client in efficiently filling roles, ensuring the client reduced recruitment costs.
  3. HR Support: City Personnel provides end-to-end management of the recruiting process, encompassing everything from sourcing to onboarding for multiple contract positions simultaneously. This not only ensured compliance but also streamlined operational efficiency, empowering the Client to prioritize its core functions while maintaining a seamless and professional hiring process.


The partnership between this local insurance company and City Personnel demonstrates the effectiveness of partnering with a staffing agency. This collaboration not only reduced recruitment costs for the client but also elevated their hiring processes.

As a result, this partnership has not only facilitated several successful placements but has also fostered a long-term relationship that has endured for almost a decade.

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