Common Recruiting Firm Myths: Debunked!

Common Recruiting Firm Myths Debunked

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During our time in the staffing industry we have found that there are many myths and misconceptions regarding recruiting firms. Our team thought about these myths and debunked them so that you can learn more about how our staffing mission can help you on your career path. Read on for City Personnel’s top five staffing myths – debunked! 

MYTH: “Agency work is always temporary with no guarantee of hours.”

TRUTH: Job placement through a recruiting firm can be flexible, but in fact 80% of temporary workers employed through City Personnel go on to become permanent employees. We have hundreds of success stories of fabulous job candidates who have gone on to procure permanent work with our clients, which is why we’re always seeking out new talent!

MYTH: “It’s better to apply to jobs directly through the firm.”

TRUTH: Some companies don’t have the time or resources to find the right candidates for their jobs. Many of our clients rely solely on our services to meet all their staffing needs. They would rather partner with a staffing firm so that they know that the candidates’ resumes that they will receive have all been thoroughly pre-screened by our recruiting team. And because our staff has already built trusting relationships with our employer partners, we can give job applicants the inside scoop on company benefits, culture, salary, and requirements. This makes us a great stepping stone to a permanent position!

MYTH: “Recruiting agencies can always find you a job.”

TRUTH: Although our recruiters do everything they can to help place job candidates with employment, it’s impossible to get a job for every single applicant. Sometimes the job openings simply aren’t available, and we won’t place any candidates with our employer clients unless the fit is just right and unless the candidate meets our client’s job requirements.

MYTH: “An interview at staffing firm is not a real interview”

TRUTH: Our clients pay us to find the best job candidates to join their teams. Part of our process includes a face-to-face interview. When we hold an interview, we consider an applicant’s punctuality, professional appearance, responses to our questions, and overall performance. We combine these factors when we decide whether or not we can refer you to our client. We are confident that if you can wow us, you can wow our beloved clients!

MYTH: “They won’t consider you because you have no experience.”

TRUTH: Experience is not always necessary because some companies offer training or are looking for recent grads. Work ethic and having an open mind about your job search are fundamental to successful placement through an agency. However, experience is sometimes mandatory for a job depending on the client’s job requirements.

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