Employee Case Study: April

Today, searching for a new job can be time-consuming and frustrating. Many companies have embraced automation to expedite their hiring procedures, but this has led to a loss of personal interaction between companies and candidates.

April, one of our candidates, experienced this firsthand as she spent over five months applying for job openings only to receive automated emails or no responses at all.

Learn more about how City Personnel helped April find a new job in this case study.


April’s employment background was in merchandising and logistics, working most recently as a Logistics Manager for a small business with only three employees in the United States.

April worked remotely for this company for six years, but found little room for growth. On the search for a new career with more growth opportunities, April began looking for a new job.


Time Consuming Job Search

Finding a new job can indeed be a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating process. April’s experience of applying for jobs for five months without any success is something many job seekers can relate to. It can be disheartening to put in the effort, send out countless applications, and not receive any positive responses.

“You apply for all these jobs, and you’ll only hear back an automated response, and then there’s nothing else. So you invest all this time into creating applications, spending hours upon hours, even when time is scarce, only to end up hearing nothing. Or maybe you do get an interview, but then another three or four weeks pass by, and it feels like it’s dragging on forever. It’s a frustrating and time-consuming process.”

- April

April continues, “Honestly, it brought me down a little because I know I have the qualifications for these positions. But sometimes, with larger companies, it feels like there’s an overwhelming number of applications flooding in, and they’re simply sifting through them, possibly using automated systems. It seems like they’re not really focused on building a personal connection or relationship.”

Never Heard of a Staffing Agency Before

April, who had been feeling alone and overwhelmed in her job search journey, received a valuable piece of advice from one of her advisors at the bank. April states, “One of our advisors at the bank said, ‘Oh, you’re looking for a job? You should look into headhunter companies. I’m sure you can go online and find a lot of them.’ So I googled it, and City Personnel came up with the best reviews.”

To April’s surprise, she had previously been unaware that such services were available specifically for job seekers like herself.


Cultivating a Personalized Experience from Interview to Job Offer

City Personnel helped give April the personal touch she missed when applying online and only receiving automated responses.

“It has been absolutely wonderful, incredibly easy, and friendly. Despite our brief acquaintance, I really appreciate the personal aspect that has developed between us. Building these relationships is something I truly value. To be honest, I vividly remember when you mentioned the opportunity. My face lit up with excitement because it was something I never thought I would come across. It’s not something I could even actively search for or expect to find. You know?”

- April

The Results

City Personnel was able to get April an interview with one of our clients within two weeks of our first meeting with her, and she received a job offer shortly after.

When we asked April for a piece of advice she would give to other job seekers, she shared, “The process is incredibly easy, and it truly takes a weight off your shoulders. Once you have your resume ready and all your information set up, you guys do all the work, so it really is beyond a huge help and relief.”

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