Employee Case Study: Edward

In today’s competitive job market, candidates like Edward face numerous challenges that can hinder their search for employment. Limited response to applications, a turbulent job market, and intense competition are just a few of the obstacles that Edward encountered during his job search.

Learn more about how City Personnel helped Edward find a new job in this case study.


Edward boasts a career spanning over 35 years in the Life Safety Industry, encompassing diverse roles from hands-on technical positions to roles in design engineering.

Edward initiated his job search in November 2022 and enlisted City Personnel’s assistance in October 2023.


Limited Response to Applications

Edward encountered a significant challenge as he struggled to receive feedback or any positive responses from the various job applications he submitted.

Turbulent Job Market

The prevailing job market presented a formidable obstacle, with numerous companies either suspending their hiring processes or actively downsizing their workforce. This dynamic added an extra layer of complexity to Edward’s job search.

Competitive Market

Navigating through a fiercely competitive landscape, Edward found himself contending with other Engineer candidates vying for the same positions. 

“I often received no feedback on my applications, and I lost three job opportunities due to company hiring freezes and downsizing. All three instances occurred during the final negotiation phases.”

- Edward

He added, “In today’s job market, candidates face numerous challenges, with one major factor being companies either halting hiring or actively reducing their workforce.”


Needs Assessment

City Personnel meticulously conducted a thorough evaluation of Edward’s job search requirements. The team identified and profiled opportunities aligning with Edward’s background, skills, and career path.

Extensive Network

City Personnel leveraged their extensive network of community and company contacts to market candidates out. 

Industry-Specific Knowledge and Market Research

City Personnel consistently leverages industry-specific insights and conducts market research, including market trends and salary benchmarks, to inform their recruitment strategy and to consult candidates on the job market.


City Personnel utilized their recruiters’ collective negotiation skills to manage job offers and salary discussions on Edward’s behalf.

The Results

City Personnel successfully secured Edward a six-figure direct hire engineering role within the same month of representing him in his job search.

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