Employee Case Study: Josh

Today, automated hiring processes have caused many great employees to lose out on job opportunities because employers are relying heavily on resume-filtering ATS systems and skill assessments rather than the work experience on your resume. 

One of our candidates, Josh, found himself in this situation after applying to job openings on Indeed and Glassdoor only to be faced with several skill assessments rather than calls from hiring managers.

Learn more about how City Personnel helped Josh find a new job in this case study.


Josh’s employment background was in customer service and human resources, working most recently as a human resources coordinator for a well-known organization in Rhode Island.

Even though Josh loved where he worked, he eventually ‘hit a wall’ professionally at his job because there was no more room for growth. He then began his search for a new job.


Struggling with the Automated Job Search

New technology has changed the way we do business, and the hiring process is no exception. 

The hiring process has become increasingly automated in recent years, with more companies relying on new technology to streamline their recruitment processes. Companies are beginning to use skill tests and chatbots to pre-screen candidates, eliminating manual tasks and making it easier and quicker for them to find qualified applicants. While these new technologies have helped companies streamline their recruitment processes, it has also minimized human interaction, which is crucial when hiring new employees.

“It’s very hard to utilize job boards, such as Indeed and Glassdoor. It can be very difficult because even though you think your resume is really good, you end up never meeting with someone because companies rely too heavily on automated skill tests.”

- Josh

Josh continues, “I think having that real human person in between really makes a difference, more successful difference. You can’t get to know somebody just off of a resume, or just off of these electronic skill tests. You could be really missing out on a really good candidate.”

Perceptions that Staffing Agencies Only Offer Short-Term Work

While Josh did not have any negative perceptions of staffing agencies, he did receive misinformation about them.

Josh states, “I always thought staffing agencies were just for temp work, sometimes temp to perm. I didn’t know until this experience that there is the possibility of a direct hire position.”


Josh recently posted that he was looking for work on his LinkedIn profile, which resulted in us reaching out to him.

Josh narrates, “On my LinkedIn profile, I put that I am open to work. After a few days, you ended up reaching out, and we had an amazing conversation asking if I was interested in this HR-related position. You did an amazing job hearing me out, seeing what I liked, and really connected me with a position that was exactly what I love to do.”

Matching the Candidate with the Right Company

City Personnel took the time to meet with Josh to match his qualifications and personality with one of our clients. 

“It was nice to get the feeling that you weren’t going to pair me with a job or position or a company that you thought may work. The level of confidence that you had about this position being a good fit also gave me a high level of confidence. I knew this job was going to be good from the start.”

- Josh

The Results

City Personnel was able to help Josh find a job that matched his qualifications and personality by eliminating the automated hiring process and meeting with him personally.

We were able to get Josh an interview with one of our clients within a week of our first meeting and he received a job offer shortly after.

Josh openly shares advice with other individuals who may be looking for a job right now in this market.

Josh offers, “I know a lot of people have the mindset that staffing agencies only offer temp work and contracted work. You don’t know if you don’t try or reach back out and just explore the option of it. You have to be open to the possibility that you don’t have to follow the typical rule and mold of applying for jobs, the way that you know, you’re kind of used to, which is through these job board sites. There are other options out there. And sometimes the alternatives are the better ones.”

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