Employee Case Study: Maria

Changing your career can be difficult, especially after taking a year off of work. One of our candidates, Maria, found herself in this situation and decided to ask for help from our staffing agency.

Learn more about how we helped Maria change her career and find new employment in this case study!


Maria had great longevity working in schools and for a student transportation contractor for the state. Her roles included office manager, receptionist, and a transportation coordinator, in which she was responsible for administrative tasks such as mail merging and calendar management for different school districts. 

Maria left her position to have her child and found herself taking a year off. As a result, Maria was a little bit out of touch with the job market and was seeking assistance.


Facing Unique Challenges During a “Post-Baby Job Hunt”

Maria, like other parents, shared anxiety around the gap in her resume after taking time off to raise a child. She began turning to career advice articles that were specifically curated guides for “post-baby job hunts” and started applying online to roles that fit her criteria. 

“I was out of work for a little over a year and I was going crazy. I felt I had to conduct my job search in an aggressive way. I would tirelessly apply, apply, and apply everywhere. I would apply to so many places that when I finally got a callback, I couldn’t even remember the job position.”

- Maria

Switching Career Industries Post Pandemic

Maria had the sentiment that the job market was bouncing back when she started looking for employment. Her main challenge beyond the gap on her resume was exploring a new job industry. 

Maria shared, “ I wanted to transition into a new industry and find the right fit in a sense. I don’t know if you remember that, but I wanted to get away from education and school transportation, as I was in that field for so many years.” 


Facilitating an Advocate Driven Service with City Personnel 

Even with a consistent job market, sometimes challenges like a gap on a resume or industry change can require additional resources. 

City Personnel became that consultant by providing opportunities as well as catching her up to speed regarding the job market. 

“I believe that my openness for working with a staffing agency set me up for success during my job search. I already viewed staffing agencies as a resource and did not have any clouded judgment of them. City Personnel advocated on my behalf, was super communicative, and really emphasized the candidate throughout the job search.”

- Maria

Additionally, City Personnel was able to provide an experience tailored to the individual and built on communication. 

Maria continues, “the communication that the team had internally was top-notch. Response times were quick. Really from the onboarding process to while on assignment everything was awesome. Notably, the timesheet reminders throughout the week to help keep everyone on track, and reaching out on an individual level, to ask how I was feeling made me feel special.  The team always kept me confident and motivated during my assignment, which helped calm my nerves when I felt uncertainty. I felt appreciated by the team.”

The Results

City Personnel became the chosen advocate of Maria, resulting in two job offers that would provide a change of industry, all while operating under a swift timeframe. Maria ended up accepting a position with a community development organization that began as an indefinite temporary position. Due to her stellar work performance she was brought on permanently. 

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