Employee Case Study: Marietou

Navigating the job search process can often prove intricate and challenging. Marietou encountered this complexity firsthand when she engaged with a different staffing agency, only to face being left in the dark after being informed that the job offer she had secured was suddenly rescinded.

Learn more about how City Personnel helped Marietou find a new job in this case study.


Marietou was a recent graduate of the YearUp program—an intensive training program that equips young adults with valuable skills for entry-level careers in tech and business. 

Despite not actively seeking employment post-graduation, Marietou’s exceptional talent and dedication caught the attention of City Personnel, who recognized her potential and proactively reached out to offer assistance in securing a suitable job opportunity.


Unsure of Staffing Agencies

Marietou had prior experience working with a staffing agency before City Personnel. Although she initially secured a job through the other staffing agency, the situation took a disappointing turn when, just before her scheduled first day, she was informed that another candidate was going to take her place. 

Adding to the frustration, the agency failed to follow up with Marietou or inquire about her ongoing job search efforts thereafter.

“I had previous experience with a staffing agency where they successfully placed me in a job. However, at the last minute, they informed me that another candidate had been chosen for the position. While I understand that the other person may have had more experience, what disappointed me most was the lack of follow-up and communication on their end after that.”

- Marietou


Following a thorough interview with Marietou, City Personnel proactively identified a client that aligned perfectly with her aspirations of returning to school, indicating her preference for a part-time role to accommodate her educational pursuits.

The Results

Remarkably, within 10 days post-interview, Marietou not only secured an interview but also received a job offer from our client.

City Personnel not only secured Marietou this valuable part-time position in 2023, which lasted for a few months, but also swiftly transitioned her to a full-time permanent job offer with another esteemed client immediately after the initial position ended.

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