Employee Case Study: Melissa C.

The job search can be a highly stressful moment in time, especially when you are overqualified for most of the job advertisements you are applying to online. One of our candidates, Melissa, found herself in this situation with over ten years of experience working as a legal assistant.

Learn more about how City Personnel helped Melissa find a new job in this case study!


Melissa’s employment background was career legal, working as a paralegal and legal assistant
for over 10 years.

The attorney whom she was supporting was transitioning into retirement. She then found herself with a decrease in workload, which influenced Melissa to start her job search.


General Nervousness During the Job Hunt and Overqualification

The job search can be a highly stressful moment in time. An overwhelming majority of Americans experience job search anxiety brought on by the rejection that comes with applying, general nervousness associated with interviewing, and the uncertainty of the future.

Melissa, like others, had general nervousness kickstarting her job search.

“I think I was nervous. I was nervous because I knew I had the qualifications and legal prowess. I had some schooling — but I think I was nervous to see if, what, and where I could actually be a fit. I am wondering if I could find somewhere that would be suitable for me. And I know I was scared that if I went on an interview, firms would reject me because I was overqualified.”

- Melissa

She continues, “That’s the danger. Sometimes when you go for an interview, you’re overqualified, or it is not really what you’re looking for, and the money’s not right. So again, it’s a challenge of putting yourself out there.”

The Foreign Territory of Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies were foreign territory for Melissa. Melissa was slightly skeptical of recruiters and staffing firms.

Melissa states, “I didn’t hold any negative ideas on staffing agencies, I just never partnered with one before. It was new territory to me. I knew some big firms and companies utilize staffing agencies. I also have been in work environments where a few employees were sourced from staffing agencies, and they were great company fits.”


Melissa’s and City Personnel’s relationship bloomed from a job posting ad. It planted a seed that Melissa could not fathom how quickly opportunities would come to fruition.

“I believe it was a Thursday afternoon. I clicked on one of the ads while I was inundated and just submitted my resume. I was contacted immediately by Dawn. I was skeptical because I’ve never opened my job search up to factor in recruiters. I knew sometimes it’s tough to hire, but I said, let’s try it. It went well and produced wildly fast results.”

- Melissa

Relieving Nervousness and Establishing Confidence During a Job Search

City Personnel was able to forge a relationship with Melissa based off trust, transparency, and market knowledge. Very quickly, Melissa was able to bring her guard and the nervousness she had about her job search and staffing agencies down.

Melissa states, “It was the best experience. It was really, really easy. I was actually very nervous. However, City Personnel swiftly set me up with opportunities. I had a Zoom meeting with a company followed by an in-person interview. The next day, I received a direct hire offer. I believe City Personnel landed me a client interview within four days. It was simple, straightforward, and fast!”

The Results

City Personnel was able to put momentum into Melissa’s job search, understanding that her longevity in the legal field was an asset. With a strong company pipeline, City Personnel was able to circulate Melissa’s resume and market her to legal companies that had openings aligning with her job search.

Melissa expeditiously landed a direct hire offer with a local law firm and was ecstatic about new beginnings.

She openly shares advice with other individuals who may be looking for a job right now in this market.

Melissa offers, “I would say for anyone looking for a job right now, It’s a tough market. It is tough but not impossible. Definitely consider City Personnel and staffing firms because they helped me find the perfect job. I think for me, with my qualifications, I know that this new opportunity is going to be an easy transition from my current role.”

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