Employee Case Study: Victoria

Searching for a new job can be discouraging at times, especially when you are applying to 30+ jobs per day, only never to get a response back. Unfortunately, one of our candidates, Victoria, was in this situation at the beginning of 2022. Victoria struggled to get noticed by employers even though she had all the qualifications required for the roles.

Learn more about how we helped Victoria find a new job within weeks of registering with our staffing agency in this case study!


During the height of the pandemic and post-Covid, the job market was characterized by both new and old challenges for both job seekers and companies alike. Job searching for Victoria was once done by mass applying to job boards – a manual and tiresome process that was being met with the challenge of lack of timely responses from companies.

As a result, Victoria was subconsciously looking for a way to streamline her efforts and get in front of companies.


Struggling with a Covid Affected Job Market and Covid’s Residual Effects

Victoria, like many individuals across the country, felt grave uncertainty about her job security at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Post-covid reimagined many people’s course of job placement and future opportunities. Victoria found that she could not lean on her at-home marketing business for a full-time income source. That revelation caused Victoria to pivot and refocus her energy on doing something different.

“Before City Personnel, I was scouring all the job board sites and applied to a bunch of postings on Indeed. I felt with all the job sites, I was running into a brick wall as I got responses 4 months after the fact, and often no response or acknowledgment at all. It seemed like individuals were playing defense and mass applying to positions, and companies were not being reactive enough.”

- Victoria

Victoria shared, “It can be disheartening when you align with a job description on paper, have the qualifications, and your application seems to be lost in a black hole of applications. When you’re in the thick of it, you’re sending upwards of 30 resumes a day – and you have no idea, and quite frankly, it can feel like you’re shooting in the dark.”

Preconceived Notions or Endorsements of Staffing Agencies

Victoria had, like many individuals, held the belief in the myth that staffing agencies only catered to temporary positions. Victoria reported, “I had no clue that agencies can help facilitate temp to permanent opportunities and even direct hire.”


Creating a Dynamic Job Search Experience with City Personnel

A major win for Victoria was her job search strategy was transformed, transitioning from a once manual process and heavy individual burden of applying aimlessly to job boards became a seamless candidate experience facilitated by City Personnel.

City Personnel helped her sort through all the commonplace noise for job boards, presented only suitable opportunities, got her resume directly in front of hiring managers, and provided a quick turnaround for job placement.

“Working with City Personnel was seamless and easy. 3 Words I would use to describe City Personnel are Professional, Friendly, and Responsive. Everybody on the team was always really friendly and prompt in their response time – which was really important to me. The team does a great job maintaining expectations and having follow-through. When they say they’re going to email you, you get an email 5 minutes later. It was a really pleasant experience.”

- Victoria

The Results

City Personnel became the centralized source of candidate advocacy and job opportunities for Victoria, as she landed a temp-to-perm position roughly two weeks after her initial interview. Since then, Victoria has been permanently hired by the Company and is thriving.

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