Is it Better to Be Introverted or Extroverted?

is it better to be introverted or extroverted

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There are many different personality types in the world, and each has advantages and disadvantages. The two most well-known are introverts and extroverts.

Because introverts and extroverts are the two most well-known, there are many myths about them over the internet.

One myth about being an introvert or extrovert is you are either completely extroverted or completely introverted. The truth is, we all fall somewhere on the introvert/extrovert spectrum.

Another myth is that it is better to be an extrovert because introverts are shy and extroverts are outgoing. Is one really better than the other? Or is it just a matter of personal preference? Let’s take a closer look at both personality types and see what advantages and disadvantages each has.

Benefits of Being Introverted

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There are several myths about introverts — that they’re antisocial, unfriendly, reserved, or lonely, for example. However, in many situations, being an introvert can be beneficial.

Introverts tend to be more analytical and introspective, making them great writers and thinkers.

Introversion is an integral part of human nature, and introverts are often regarded as being serious and reflective. A study from the University of Florida found that introverts tend to be more effective at working alone than those who are outgoing. 

In addition, introverts often have a low self-esteem because they feel inferior in social situations. However, there is no reason for introvert employees to worry about this as introverted personalities can create a strong work ethic.

Introverted employees tend to avoid conflicts, which allows them to focus on their goals without distractions from colleagues or bosses. This drive for focusing on goals contributes greatly to achieving goals faster and surpassing expectations . In her book “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking,” introvert author and expert Susan Cain says introverts are most creative when they work alone. This is due to introverts who are introspective and curious, which allows them to observe more than extroverted people .

Introverted employees have the capacity to be very productive regardless of whether they work in teams or by themselves. They also tend to enjoy working independently as introverted personalities provide a welcome change from the bustle of a busy workplace. This works well for introverted employees as introversion has been linked with being highly skilled at concentrating on one task despite distractions going on around them.

Introverts, according to this research, may not enjoy people as much as extroverts do, but they understand them better. The quiet have a far deeper knowledge of the psychology of others than those who spend more time socializing.

According to research, introverts perform better in a crisis and appear to be more perceptive when it comes to comprehending other people’s goals and actions, which is an important trait for effective leadership.

While this study does not imply introverts are psychologists, it should provide encouragement for shyer individuals who worry whether their preference for quiet observation over social mixing makes them not suited for leadership.

Benefits of Being Extroverted

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Being an extrovert has many advantages in the workplace and social scene. Here are just a few of your powers.

Talkative extroverts delight in conversations with strangers or familiar faces about topics ranging from current events to science—the possibilities are endless! Introverted friends will be happy to tell you what they think, but extroverts can actually take control of any conversation if given half a chance.

Not only do extroverts make better conversationalists than other introvert types because of their ability to carry on long discussions about practically anything.

Extroversion is also associated with being a leader. In a study that observed extroversion among leaders, extroverts were found to be better leaders who actually took on more leadership roles in their workplace.

The authors of this study suggested that extroverts take advantage of opportunities at work to gain leadership skills even if they are already in leadership positions so they can continue leading effectively.

Additionally, as an extrovert, you’re a born promoter. According to one study of neurological differences between introverts and extroverts, extroverts are more likely to connect pleasurable emotions with their current setting.

In the US, it’s always seemed like the answer was “extrovert.” Being social is lauded and most people seem skeptical of all that skulking about that introverts do.

There’s no doubt research has shown a number of advantages to being a people person.  Extroverts tend to be happier, more popular, and even earn more money than introverts.


For many years, scientists have studied the differences between introverts and extroverts. And they’ve come up with some interesting conclusions. However, the bottom line is, we all fall somewhere on the introvert/extrovert spectrum. Are you more extroverted than introverted?

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