Job Searching During the COVID-19 Pandemic

job search pandemic

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Like millions of Americans, If you lost your job due to the COVID outbreak, or were in the middle of job searching when the coronavirus struck, don’t panic, and don’t stop job searching. There may be some uncertainty right now, but there are ways you can stay positive and proactive about job searching during these challenging times.

1. Master Virtual Interviewing

With the changing times, you’re likely to have interviews remotely, whether that means phone or video interviews. Phone interviews can be challenging because it is harder to interpret someone’s reaction and have a conversation that flows naturally, whereas video interviews can feel awkward to be on camera.

Speak confidently and clearly, have a cheat sheet ready, listen actively and take notes, and make sure you end the call with clear next steps in the process. Specifically with video interviews, get acquainted with the technology and pay close attention to the lighting and background as well as how your interview outfit shows up on camera. These little things can make a huge impact.

2. Address your LinkedIn Profile

In the age of social media, you don’t have to shake hands to make a good impression. Now is a particularly good time to pay attention to LinkedIn.

Create a strong LinkedIn summary, and double-check that your profile is up-to-date. Reconnect with people who are already in your network, share content in your LinkedIn feed that support your professional specialty (this will help people remember what you do), and invite people who work at your target companies to connect.

3. Update your skills

If you have extra time, use it to update your professional skills. There are many opportunities to hone your skills with online courses and articles. Having a few certifications under your belt will be helpful when applying for new roles.

4. Consider temporary gigs

If you don’t currently have a job, be flexible and apply for temporary work to pay the bills. It could lead to a full-time job when you impress your co-workers, and is a great opportunity to gain some in-demand skills. Not every industry will be affected the same way. Search for reputable Staffing and Recruitment Agencies, browse company job boards and utilize social media to see who’s hiring.

While hiring will inevitably fluctuate within the foreseeable future, you can still set yourself up for success by doing these activities. Just because some companies may not be hiring now, doesn’t mean they won’t ever need to hire again. Make sure you’re ready, and be sure to stay healthy and productive!

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