Is It Okay to do a Zoom Interview in your Car?

zoom interview in car

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Is it okay to do a Zoom interview in your car? Back a couple of years ago, conducting an interview over Zoom was almost unheard of. In fact, only 8% of companies were doing interviews online in 2019. Nowadays, nearly every company is conducting their interviews via Zoom. Even after the COVID vaccine gets distributed to the majority of the world’s population, most companies will continue to conduct interviews via Zoom for the near future.

With Zoom Interviews being here to stay, we have been giving Zoom Interview Tips on several of our recent blogs. The good thing about virtual interviews is that they are easily accessible to everyone. If you work two full-time jobs, you will still have time to go onto Zoom for 15-30 minutes for an interview. We have conducted many interviews with candidates on their lunch break. 

From interviewing with candidates in their kitchen to their bedroom, we have almost interviewed in every place in a house! However, the question is, is it okay to do a Zoom interview in your car

At City Personnel, doing a Zoom interview in your car is completely fine! More often than not, we prefer individuals doing the Zoom interview in their car because it is a lot less distracting than listening to dogs barking and children playing.

Here are some tips to make the Zoom interview in a car run smoothly.

Tips to Doing a Zoom Interview in Your Car

Make Sure Car is in Park

First things first, the question is, is your car parked? The last thing we want to do is conduct an interview with a distracted driver

How embarrassing would it be having to hang up on a hiring manager or recruiter because you just got pulled over by the cops? If you are on the go and need to start driving, it may be best to reschedule the interview.

No Music

If you do happen to do your interview in your car, make sure your radio is completely off. Don’t just turn down the volume on your radio. Just because your car radio is on 3 volume doesn’t mean your phone can’t pick it up as a sound. Make sure to turn it off before starting.

A quick tip: Hold your phone while doing your Zoom interview in your car. If you prop it up on your dashboard, your A/C or heat will be picked up by the phone, causing some background noise for the interviewer.

No Guests

Lastly, if you are going to interview in your car, make sure you are alone! Having your kids in the back seat may seem like a good idea, but they will be a distraction for you and the interviewer more often than not.

Employers will be completely fine with you doing a Zoom interview in your car if you follow these three tips. For more Zoom Interview Tips, check out our blog!

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