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benefits of a staffing agency as a job seeker

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Benefits of a Staffing Agency as a Job Seeker

The job search is stressful. Sometimes it takes hours, days, or even weeks to find a job that you are interested in. Many candidates have told us the horror stories of their career search. The majority of those candidates have told us how they have applied to over 100 job openings and still haven’t heard back from a single one.

After hours and days of searching on Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, Craigslist, Handshake, Facebook, and many other job search sites, you finally find your dream job, and you send the company your application. However, after a couple of weeks of not hearing back, you get a notification that the position has been filled. Sound familiar?

The unfortunate thing about the job search is that it can take only a few days to get a job offer or more than a few months, depending on how you utilize your resources. Some candidates only use Indeed to apply for jobs, while others use several great resources like LinkedIn connections, CareerBuilder, and Handshake. However, most candidates don’t know about the best free resource of all… using a staffing agency.

What is a staffing agency, and what are the benefits of a staffing agency as a job seeker? Should I use a staffing agency to find a job? Do I have to pay a staffing agency when they find me a job? Are there myths about staffing agencies? These are all great questions we will discuss in this article. 

At first, you may think you are limiting yourself by using a staffing agency. However, more than 90% of companies in the U.S. use some type of staffing agency. With staffing agencies being a free resource for candidates, it is a no-brainer to get involved with a local staffing agency near you.

Here is a list of benefits of a staffing agency as a job seeker.

Offer Wide Range of Opportunities & Tips

The main goal of a staffing agency is to look for qualified candidates to fill open positions for their client companies. If you are working with a staffing agency like City Personnel, we will help you find temporary, permanent, or temp-to-hire positions. We do our best to understand who the candidate is and their dream job before sending them to our clients.

Staffing agencies also help you prepare for interviews. This includes what to bring on an interview, an overview of the company, and what to wear. They also will answer any of your questions to help prepare you for an interview. Do you have a question about what color tie you should wear to an interview? We can help! Every tie color has a meaning, so make sure you wear the right one!

Lastly, staffing agencies are one of the best resources for you for job interview tips. As recruiters, we interview around 50-100 candidates per week. We know what you should do and what you should not do in an interview. Staffing agencies also see more than 200+ resumes a day. We will give you the best tips and tricks to make your resume “pop out” to recruiters!

Temp-to-Perm Benefit 

When working with a staffing agency, candidates see first hand the benefits of working temp-to-perm and temporary. Working temp-to-perm is one of our most popular positions filled at City Personnel because of its benefits to both a candidate and a company.

During a temp-to-perm period, you will be able to experience what the position entails, the company’s culture, the team you will be working with, and much more. This four-month period will help you decide whether you want to continue working with them after your temporary period is over.

Once the temp-to-perm position is over, and both you and the client want to continue to work together, you will be offered a full-time job. More than 80% of our temp-to-perm candidates receive a full-time job offer at the end of their work period. The main goal for a temp-to-perm position is for the company to hire you full-time. The only reason they wouldn’t is if you show up late to work, have a bad attitude, or can’t complete the tasks you were assigned to. 

Temporary Work is a Resume Booster

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom looking to spend some of their time in an office, a current student who is on break, or someone who has some extra time on their hands, temporary work may be a great option for you.

Temporary work is a resume booster. We have had several candidates take temporary work to boost their resumes after getting rejected from their dream job. Temporary work can last a few days to a few months, all depending on the position. There have been times where we have had a temporary employee get offered a full-time job because of how great they did on an assignment.

I am sure you know someone who changed career fields either in college or in the workforce. Many people change careers because they do not know what they want to do long-term. That is why temporary positions are popular and a major reason why college graduates work with staffing agencies

There are many reasons to prefer temporary work, and a staffing agency is the best place to find it.

Less Stress, More Time for Other Things

The next benefit of using a staffing agency is that they save you time and stress! Finding a job is time-consuming and stressful. However, a staffing agency will help take that weight off your shoulder. Time management is important. If you have more time working on your skills rather than looking for jobs, you will be ahead of other candidates in the long run.

Staffing agencies find the job for you, help you with your resume/ interview skills, and much more. Whether you are not getting a call back for a job or not finding the right jobs online, staffing agencies will be able to get you in the right position for success.

Are you stressed about if you will succeed at a company? Recruiters at City Personnel take the time to understand an organization’s culture and requirements for certain positions. This way, our candidates will never be blindsided when taking a position. We will take the time to help you learn more about the position and the company before submitting your resume to them.

Giving our candidates an overview of the position and organization before an interview helps achieve optimal job placement that satisfies both job seekers and hiring managers.

No Need to Worry About Rejecting a Job 

The last benefit of a staffing agency as a job seeker is not having to worry about rejecting a job offer or interview. Staffing agencies are your way into a company. In most cases, the staffing agency you work with will do all the heavy lifting for you to find a job you will love.

These agencies understand some positions may not be something you would like to do, so it is easier to decline if you get offered an interview. If you are quiet or more reserved, you may feel awkward or uneasy about saying no to an interview offer. With a staffing agency, you will save yourself from writing those awkward emails or making those stressful phone calls. Staffing agencies understand that every position isn’t perfect, so they will deliver the message to the client for you if you are not interested.

Also, when working with a staffing agency, there is no need to accept a position that you aren’t interested in. Job seekers often accept a position because they aren’t sure of the next time they will have a job offer. However, staffing agencies usually have multiple clients looking for someone like you. If you turn down one position, there will be more to choose from.

Whether you are looking for a part-time, full-time, or just seeing what is available, using a staffing agency is one of the easiest ways to make the job search easier. We are also great at negotiating a higher pay for our candidates.

Now that you know the benefits of a staffing agency as a job seeker, are you ready to work with us? If you are someone or know someone in the RI or MA, City Personnel is the top-rated staffing agency in RI.

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