Difference Between a Temp Agency & a Staffing Agency

temp agency vs staffing agency

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If someone asked you to name a synonym for a staffing agency, what would you say? More likely than not, the first thing to pop into your head is a temporary agency or temp agency. Unfortunately, even if you go on thesaurus.com, you will see “temporary agency” as a synonym to “staffing agency.” However, these two terms shouldn’t be considered the same thing because they provide different services.

Temporary agencies find workers for short-term job openings. Companies in need of workers for a short period, such as an employee on maternity leave, will contract with temp agencies. Temp agencies will send their temporary employees to these companies on assignments for a specified amount of time. These assignments can last anywhere from 3-6 months.

Staffing agencies also find workers for a short-term job opening. However, that is not all they do. Staffing agencies have a wider range of options that suit their client’s staffing needs. Whether that is a client asking a staffing agency to fill a short-term position or a long-term permanent position, staffing agencies can help.

Staffing agencies have direct-hire, temp-to-perm, and temporary positions they can fill for. For this reason, most of the time, staffing firms are more popular than temp agencies for both clients and candidates. There are many negative stigmas to staffing agencies because of this comparison to temp agencies. Unfortunately, all we can do is educate all of you on what we actually do! Make sure you remember, staffing agencies are free to use for job seekers. Don’t miss out on a free resource for you to find your next full-time dream job! We also give some great Zoom interview tips as well as what not to do on Zoom interview

Now that you know the difference between the two, make sure to check out the benefits of a staffing agency! If you are looking for a staffing agency in RI or a temp agency in RI, contact us today!

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