Employee Case Study: Samantha

Recent college graduates have a difficult time finding work after they graduate, especially when they limit themselves on their job search. One of our candidates, Samantha, found herself in this situation.

Learn more about how City Personnel helped Samantha find a new job with little work experience in this case study!


Samantha was a new graduate, who completed her Bachelors in Applied Economics in May 2022.

She had both campus work experience and involvement in different student associations under her belt, but was seeking her next role post-college. Like many recent grads and the emerging GenZ workforce, Samantha was left with the feat of navigating the job market with a new degree and being inexperienced.


Graduating from college is a hopeful time of life, but recent and impending grads face general challenges. 

General Challenges for New Grads in the Job Market

  1. Minimal to no work experience
  2. High competition 
  3. Inconsistent follow up
  4. Generic resume format
  5. Challenges with the application process
  6. Limited networking skills 
  7. Lack of interview experience
  8. Unrealistic expectations 

Inexperience while Navigating the Job Market

Samantha was proactive and began her search for jobs prior to graduation. 

Samantha shares, “A few months before I graduated college, I was searching for jobs that were related to economics, mainly government jobs for the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Once I graduated college, my hope was to revisit those positions. To my surprise, there were not any open economic roles for BLS.”

Without direction or guidance, Samantha did not really have an alternative plan.  Subconsciously she limited her job search by exclusively applying to government jobs on the USA jobs website. She found that there seemed to be a mismatch between her budding skillset and the qualifications that  companies were seeking. 

“I was getting rejection letters for statistician jobs or confusing responses that I was tentatively eligible. I was having a hard time. I think one of the reasons why I was rejected was that I was getting edged out by more qualified candidates. Reflecting back, I was also self limiting my search to opportunities that I was set on.”

- Samantha


Samantha was first introduced to City Personnel through a LinkedIn message. 

Samantha notes “I was reached out to on LinkedIn in a message that was both direct in outreach but welcoming. As a new grad, I didn’t have that much experience utilizing my LinkedIn besides having an open to work banner. Additionally, I had a hard time sifting through messages from people who were not legitimate. I had to call my mom and gauge whether City Personnel’s message was legit. Silly, I know. My mom confirmed that City Personnel was in fact legitimate and that there was a mutual connection who once worked with my sister. So I then replied to the message.” 

Additionally, City Personnel’s expansive network of companies affords entry level candidates and emerging talent like new grads the ability to be matched with positions suited to their skillset.

“3 words to describe City Personnel would be professional, helpful, and honest. I think the interactions across the entire team was great. I liked that there was multiple means of communication (ie. text, email, calls, linkedin) and that the team adopted whatever means was preferred. I liked that every interaction was thoughtful. For instance, when a team member would text, they would sign off with their name so it was super personalized. So I knew if I was talking to the Recruitment Coordinator or one of the Recruiters.”

- Samantha

The Results

City Personnel was able to help Samantha navigate the job market while expanding her horizons on positions. Samantha had access to positions that were not posted online which minimized the high candidate pool she was facing. Additionally, City Personnel was able to match Samantha with companies that were seeking emerging talent and weighed characteristic traits rather than solely relying on experience.

Samantha ended up working as a Temp File Clerk for a law firm temporarily until she landed her current role as a Team Support Coordinator for an insurance company. Due to her work ethic and zeal to learn, she has been brought on permanently.

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