Salary Guide 2022

2022 Salary Guide

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All You Need to Know: Salary Guide

As you can see from the past year, the job market is ever-changing, and salaries are no exception. Before 2020, when you had a job opening, all you would have to do was post it on a job board and wait for the influx of resumes sent to your inbox. In today’s job market, you have to go out of your way to attract candidates to apply for your company’s job opening.

If you are looking to get a leg up in this job market, staying up-to-date on the latest wage trends is essential. Here is everything you need to know about salaries in 2022. Welcome to City Personnel’s 2022 Salary Guide.

What to Consider When Offering Salaries

When it comes to seeking a new hire for your company’s job opening, there are many things to take into consideration before giving a salary range.

First, what are the main duties of the role you are seeking to fill? How many years of experience are you requiring for the role? Where is the role located?

As you can see, when it comes to hiring candidates, you will need to consider many things before discussing salary. If you are seeking entry level candidates, you can expect to pay a lower wage than if you were seeking candidates with several years of experience.

Additionally, you should consider the location of the position. If your office is in Boston, MA, expect to pay a lot higher salary than if your office was located in Pawtucket, RI.

Also, the size of your company should be taken into consideration when determining compensation. A company with 20 employees and a company with 2000 employees may have the same job opening, but larger companies generally offer higher salaries and bonuses because they have more resources.

Lastly, take into consideration other benefits that you offer. Employees see salary as a significant influence on their decision to join a company, but other benefits are also important. These benefits include PTO, health coverage, sick days, remote work flexibility, and much more.

The 2022 Salary Guide below is just an overview of Providence, RI, salaries in 2022. These are estimations, and many other details we listed above should be considered before deciding how much your company should pay an employee for their work.

Competitive Salary in Today's Job Market

There are many resources online that can help your company to determine a competitive pay for your new job openings. Some resources are free, others cost money, but here is a list of the best options available:

Payscale (Paid): Receive one free report per year on a job opening’s salary information in your area. Additional reports cost $100 each (minimum of 2 purchased at one time) (Free): Search the average salary for different positions in your city. The analysis includes salary, bonus projections, benefits, and more. The free version is for candidates, and the paid version is for employers. (Paid): also offers a paid version for employers. The pricing of this item varies depending on your company’s size. With’s CompAnalyst®, you get the data and insights you need to make pay decisions with confidence.

Glassdoor Salary Calculator (Free): Compare salaries from every employee that has shared their salary information in your area. Search through industries, company sizes, experience levels, job titles, and more!

Linkedin Salary Analyzer (Free): Compare all the current job openings listed on LinkedIn and find the average salary offered for each job title in your area.

Using’s free tool, we created a list of the most popular jobs and the average salary for each. Here are the results:

Lower Average Average Higher Average
Accounts Payable Coordinator $43,700 $48,300 $53,500
Accounts Receivable Coordinator $41,900 $46,700 $51,900
Administrative Assistant $46,400 $51,800 $58,300
Entry Level Administrative Coordinator $40,400 $44,700 $50,400
Benefits & Compensation Manager $115,600 $132,200 $145,600
Benefits Administrator $59,500 $66,900 $75,900
Call Center Manager $78,200 $91,400 $104,900
Call Center Representative $33,700 $37,900 $42,400
Claims Examiner $40,900 $48,160 $58,340
Client Service Specialist $44,960 $53,370 $62,400
Customer Service Associate $44,900 $53,300 $62,400
Customer Service Supervisor $63,200 $73,650 $85,850
Data Entry Clerk $32,290 $35,880 $40,400
Dispatcher $42,200 $49,150 $57,600
Distribution Clerk $28,640 $33,200 $36,350
Executive Assistant $56,500 $64,600 $74,690
HR Assistant $40,900 $45,900 $51,500
HR Supervisor $90,200 $105,500 $122,400
HR Generalist $56,260 $63,000 $70,330
HR Generalist Sr. $83,620 $93,370 $104,120
Legal Assistant/Paralegal $55,200 $62,400 $70,500
Intake Specialist $52,300 $60,000 $67,800
Legal Office Administrator $63,500 $71,690 $81,100
Legal Secretary $46,170 $53,440 $61,700
Logistics Manager $102,380 $117,660 $133,790
Machine Operator $33,800 $37,830 $42,850
Marketing Coordinator $54,000 $61,270 $70,500
Marketing Manager $86,900 $100,800 $115,300
Medical Assistant $36,400 $39,500 $42,650
Medical Billing Clerk $42,200 $45,380 $49,620
Medical Coder $46,550 $53,660 $62,930
Medical Record Clerk $34,860 $39,000 $43,090
Medical Secretary $39,440 $43,900 $49,000
Office Administrator $44,010 $46,160 $51,880
Operations Manager $97,450 $113,480 $126,250
Order Entry Clerk $36,900 $41,130 $47,650
Product Manager $67,180 $75,640 $80,580
Project Engineer $67,590 $76,220 $87,130
Purchasing Clerk $39,950 $45,750 $52,200
Purchasing Manager $122,500 $128,320 $147,340
Receptionist $38,390 $42,290 $46,590
Recruiting Coordinator $47,000 $52,900 $60,460
Sales Manager $108,206 $127,830 $150,220
Shipping & Receiving Associate $31,710 $34,850 $38,270
Social Media Manager $98,210 $112,350 $128,480
Talent Acquisition Manager $111,120 $127,470 $144,000
Talent Acquisition Specialist $54,900 $62,520 $70,970
Title Clerk $38,340 $41,340 $44,220
Warehouse Manager $80,750 $93,080 $109,990

Increased Salary Budgets

According to The Conference Board’s Salary Survey, the average annual raise for current employees is accelerating. In 2022, salaries are estimated to increase by 3.9%, which is the highest rate increase since 2008.

Office/Admin Industry Data

The majority of the positions we fill are administrative roles. With 15+ years of experience working in the Office/Admin Industry, we have seen it change significantly from when we first started. Here is all the information you will need about the Office/Admin Industry in 2022.

75% of the office/admin industry are females.

The top five most searched for skills for office/admin roles include Customer Service, Microsoft Office, Communications, Multitasking, and Microsoft Excel.

The positions with the largest employment increase in the last 12 months were Medical Office Admins, Benefits & Compensation Specialists, and Human Resources Specialists.

The position with the highest turnover is Receptionists at 85%.

RI Labor Market Statistics

Dec-21 Nov-21 Dec-20
RI Monthly Jobs 485,800 483,200 457,800
RI Unemployment Rate 4.8% 5.1% 7.9%
US Unemployment Rate 3.9% 4.2% 6.7%
RI Labor Force 552,166 553,857 538,617
Minimum Wage Median Wage
Rhode Island $12.25/hour $22.77/hour
United States $7.25/hour $20.17/hour

Retaining Employees

Talent is in short supply causing many employers to attempt new ways of attracting and retaining employees. According to Robert Half, almost half of employers are offering incentives to attract and retain workers. With skilled candidates receiving multiple job offers weekly, these tactics could help separate your company from the rest of your competition.

How employers are attracting and retaining workers

As an employer, it is important to enhance your compensation strategies to retain top performers. If you do not improve your strategy, you will lose your top employees to your competition. Here are some statistics to help make the decision easier.

Percentage of workers feel underpaid

What You Need to Do

The job market is constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. However, in order to stay ahead of your competition, you must be familiar with what to expect in terms of salaries in 2022. By understanding where wages are trending and what skills will be most sought after in 2022, you can ensure that you are taking the proper steps to secure a competitive advantage in your business.

Now that you completed the salary guide for 2022, are you ready to start hiring? If you need help staffing your company’s open positions, we can help! Give us a call at (401) 331-2311, or visit!

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Salary Guide

Whether you need to adjust your company’s pay range or are considering extending an offer, our comprehensive guide enables you to make data-driven decisions with confidence!

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