What Does Temp-to-Perm Mean?

what is temp-to-perm

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What is Temp-to-Perm?


If you haven’t worked with a staffing agency before, you may be unfamiliar with the term temp-to-perm. Temp-to-perm, also referred to as temp-to-hire, is a job that is temporary for a set period of time but will eventually lead to a permanent position. We only consider a position temp-to-perm if there is the intent to hire a person full-time at the end of their temporary period.

These temp-to-perm periods can last for around a six-month period or more. The company will mention the period to you once you are hired.

Temporary positions aren’t too much different than temp-to-hire positions. The only real big difference is the outcome after each period. 

When it comes to a temporary job, you usually only have a contract for a few months. Once this contract is up, you will no longer be working for that company. Sometimes the company will either extend the contract or offer you a full-time position, but this is not guaranteed or likely.

The difference between a temporary and temp-to-perm position is that you will be offered a full-time permanent job after your temp-to-perm period is over. There are very few reasons why a candidate will not receive the full-time job offer after their temp-to-perm period is up. The main reasons include: showing up late to work, bad work ethic, bad attitude, and inability to complete simple daily tasks.

You should not be worried about a temp-to-perm position. Very rarely do we see candidates not receive a full-time job offer after their temp-to-perm period is over. Over 85% of our candidates have received a full job offer this past year once they completed their temporary-to-permanent placement. 

Companies choose to work with staffing agencies because we offer temp-to-perm placements. The main benefit for companies to hire temp-to-perm is to see how well you do at the position before hiring you for the long run.

If you are an employer or want to learn more about why companies work with us, check out our article on why companies choose to work with temp agencies.

Why you should look for Temp-to-Perm positions


Temp-to-hire is a great way to get in with a company. Think of temp-to-perm as a regular job opening. In a regular job opening, most of you will show up to work on time, do your job to the best of your ability, and have a great work ethic. If you do those three things in a temp-to-perm position, I can almost guarantee you that you will receive a full-time offer when the period is complete.

Companies that look for temp-to-perm employees are looking to hire you full-time but want to see if you can do well at the position before then. They are rooting for you; they don’t want to see you fail.

Temp-to-hire is a great way to experience the company firsthand before signing on for the long term. This is beneficial for you and the client company because you both get to see if it is a good fit for you before you work permanently.

The Job Search is Stressful


Every job you have will be different from the last. Not saying there will be a big difference, but all companies have different ways of doing things and have different goals for the future. Temp-to-hire is a good way to get introduced into a company while seeing what the job market entails for your area of expertise.

We have often heard that employees who accept a job offer regret it afterward as it wasn’t what they expected. The great thing is, this is not the case for temp-to-perm. When signing on temp-to-perm, you have a three-six month “try-out” to see if you want to work with the company full-time. After that period is up, you will be able to either accept the full-time job offer or reject it based on how you feel about the position.

Unfortunately, those hired permanently right away feel as if they are stuck in the position for the long run. This is not the case for temp-to-perm.

Great Way to Get Back Into the Workforce


Have you taken a break from the workforce and are not sure how to get back into it? A temporary or temp-to-perm position may be best for you. More often than not, companies using a temp-to-perm service are more likely to take a chance on an employee with a gap in employment. 

A temp-to-perm position is a great way for you to get back into the workforce to see how well you can pick things back up again. In only a few years, positions change drastically with new technology, policies, and more. Entering into a position for a temporary time is the best way to see how well you can pick back up on things.

Temporary or temp-to-hire positions will also increase your self-confidence. I am sure you had to apply for several jobs before getting the one you are at now. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, before the age of 40, the average worker will hold at least 10 different jobs. This means you will be applying to a lot more than just 10 times. If you have experienced not hearing back from a position you applied for, it may be time to look for a temporary position to help get you back into the field you want to be in.

The more experience, the better.

The more experience you have, the better. A company wants to see that you have been successful in multiple positions similar to the one they are hiring you for. With a lack of experience comes a lack of interviews. This is why temporary positions are so beneficial.

If it is temp-to-perm and you don’t get the job, think of it as another job to add to your resume to help you in your future job findings. And if it was no fault of your own, but the company could not financially hire you full-time, I am sure they would give you a good reference when it comes the time you are applying for other jobs.

Whether you are looking for a full-time job or something part-time, it is always good to work with a staffing agency that can give you the help you need to find temporary, permanent, or temp-to-hire positions.

Here at City Personnel, we work with you to help you find the best position for your qualifications. We know that the hiring process can be stressful, but we make it as least stressful as possible. If you are looking for a job, reach out to us, we would love to help you find the job you have always wanted.

Overview: Is temp-to-perm worth it? 


When doing a temp-to-hire position, you are not guaranteed a job afterward. There are several reasons for this, but a few of them include; the company needs to cut expenses, the job position is not a necessity, or they think you aren’t the best fit for the position. However, this doesn’t mean a temp-to-hire position isn’t worth it.

One reason to go through temp-to-hire is networking. Networking is the most important thing you can do to get your name out there in this day and age. Also, companies will usually hire a candidate with more experience than one without any.

When working for a company in a temp-to-perm position, you get to meet new people, sometimes high up in the company, that can give you a reference or teach you a thing or two about the job they hired you for. This is a great way to prove that you have the talent and work ethic most others don’t have.

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