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5 Tips That Can Help You Choose the Best Candidate for the Job

5 tips that can help you choose the best candidate for the job

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Attracting top talent is challenging in the post-pandemic world. COVID-19 reshaped how many skilled employees think about work, and brands must compete to attract qualified candidates— especially in specialized fields. 

Taking a modern approach to hiring practices is vital for recruiting and retaining talented workers. Here are five tips to help you attract and hire the best candidate for the job.

Use Video Content

Video content has transformed how companies interact with customers. Whether it’s a viral challenge or a behind-the-scenes look at the team, 54% of consumers prefer branded videos.

For some reason, many brands overlook video as a powerful tool for recruitment. When used intentionally, video content showcases the company’s culture and values. As video content has more reach on social media, producing recruiting videos can help your brand reach a larger candidate pool. You could also try out various ways of implementing videos, like creating a video collage using a video collage maker which can help you with this process.

Companies should also consider requesting video job applications. This approach gives hiring managers a chance to experience the applicant’s communication skills and save time during the screening process. This approach can also help determine soft and adjacent skills, like creativity and cultural fit. 

For example, someone who submits a reverse video inspired by Coldplay’s award-winning video The Scientist could be an excellent addition to a music production team. Incorporating eye-catching animations and graphics can showcase experience in real-time for graphic designers and marketers.

Evaluate Adjacent and Soft Skills

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) streamline the hiring process through automation and centralization. Unfortunately, this data-driven approach sometimes overlooks soft skills and adjacent competencies that could positively contribute to a role.

Take some time to review the listed skills that extend beyond the requirements of the role. For example, hiring a marketing researcher with accounting or finance experience could be valuable in budgeting, cost management, and statistical analysis. Hiring a copywriter with experience in SEO analytics could provide an opportunity to address other pain points in the business.

Hire for Potential

Exploring adjacent and soft skills ties into a broader theme: hiring for potential rather than fit. Look for a talented candidate and shape the role to their skillset. 

Hiring a candidate who lacks technical experience but has a passion for the industry or brand is valuable. During a time when low employee engagement is critical, it’s crucial to look beyond the resume when recruiting.

Consider Cultural Fit

Hiring a candidate for job fit and potential is a great starting point. It’s also essential to consider their fit within the company culture.

Incorporate interview questions to determine the candidate’s values and working styles that align with the organization. Someone who hasn’t worked in a holacracy before and thrives on a traditional hierarchical structure may not fit well in a loosely defined start-up. 

Consider using a personality or strengths assessment to help you clarify which candidates will thrive in your company’s environment.

Try a Test Project or Temp Period

Assigning a test project is an excellent way to assess the candidate’s work in real time before making a hiring decision. Many people interview well but can’t produce the work to match their claims. Conversely, many people who don’t shine in an interview produce exemplary work. 

Test projects aren’t an opportunity to get work done for free; compensate candidates accordingly. Additionally, hiring an employee for a temporary period is another way to see what a candidate is capable of. 

Hiring the right candidate will help improve employee engagement and productivity while minimizing turnover rates.

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