What The Color Of Your Tie Says About You

What the Color of Your Tie Says About You

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Color is a language. A language that we all speak, no matter where we come from or what we do. It communicates emotions, intentions, and even our personalities. From the deep, sultry red to the muted greys, each color tells its own story. And just like how our teachers taught us in grade school, colors all have a meaning. 

So, what’s the color of your tie mean

Imagine walking into an interview for your dream job and seeing a sea of black ties from all the other candidates. But then, one candidate stands out with a bold and confident statement – a red tie. Who do you think will most likely get the job?

When you wear a darker suit and a white shirt for an interview, the first thing that stands out to an interviewer is the color of your tie. You want to wear a color that will help explain how you will set yourself apart from the rest of the candidates. Whether you want to show power, creativity, or your problem-solving skills, the color of your tie can help you do so. There isn’t a wrong answer when it comes to what color tie you wear for an interview, but sometimes specific tie colors can help you stand out compared to other candidates. 

To help you on your job search, here is an explanation of each tie color meaning!

Here are what each of the colors you wear, says about you!

Black or Grey

Black is a strong color. It is formal and intense, but also matches with almost everything! When you wear black, you will be seen as sophisticated and classy. However, be cautious, wearing all black can sometimes make people see you as arrogant or overdressed.

In this case, stick with a grey tie, which will be seen as an edgy, modern look. If you choose to wear grey, make sure you are an extrovert, or you will be seen as someone who hides in the crowd and takes little to no risks.

Black Suite Interview, man dressing in a black suit and tie ready for an interview


Have you ever seen someone show up to an interview wearing a white tie? It’s a rare sight indeed. Generally, people opt for a dark-colored suit and a crisp white dress shirt for a more sleek and professional look. The beauty of this outfit is that you can play around with different colored ties to express your personality and add a unique touch to your outfit. However, if you’re feeling bold and want to break the norm, go ahead and try out that white tie. Who knows, it might just make you stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on your potential employer.

White is professional and formal. Usually, on interviews, it is more common for individuals to wear a dark color suit (Black or Dark Blue) with a white dress shirt underneath. This shows a clean and professional look, which allows you to pick any color tie you would like!

white tie with white dress shirt, two men on red carpet wearing suits


I am sure you all know that red is a dominant color. Look at the top companies in the world. Coca Cola, Netflix, Target, YouTube, CNN, and many more use red in their logos because it is a ‘powerful’ color that people are attracted to. This is why you see many politicians and other famous figures wear red ties, and incorporate red into their merchandise and flyers.

Red has always been seen as a color that shows strength and passion, which could help influence and employer to hire you instead of other candidates.

On the other hand, darker red shows you being more trustworthy, and lighter red can be associated with you being a more creative individual. If you want to show that you can take on a role as a manager or higher-level employee, consider wearing red.

5f0f44799e89c800ff1cbe3a 121015031627 romney debate red tie horizontal large gallery


Pink shows that you are an excellent communicator. This means people will be more open to talking to you. If you are applying for a sales role, or are communicating with clients daily, consider wearing a pink tie.

5f0f4563449367274cb0eb70 original


One of the most commonly used colored tie is blue. This is because it is the safest color to wear. When people think of blue, their firsts thoughts are the ocean and sky, which helps them feel calm and trust you more. If you are looking to wear a lighter blue, it can help you be seen as friendly and approachable, while a darker blue will help people trust your decisions. This is usually because dark blues are associated with pilot uniforms.

5f0f4494e4fb2a3ab4233f18 dam politics 2013 03 ss01 best dressed world leaders david cameron


The color purple shows people you are self-confident. People who see purple relate it to royalty and wealth, which creates a lasting impression that will help you build professional relationships with others. Purple also shows you are modern and open-minded. Want to learn more about purple tie meaning and if a purple tie can get you a job offer? Check out our new blog!

5f0f448d42a5cd5ae5127862 Purple Tie

Lighter Colors

Orange and Yellow are pretty similar when it comes to their meanings. These lighter colors are fun, which makes people see you as outgoing.

5f0f4707faeffaf695bffa8b Yellow%20tie%20meaning%20job%20interview


Green is the most robust color to work with when it comes to ties. Sometimes green can be too distracting, which makes people remember your tie rather than who you are. If choosing green, make sure it is a subtle or dark green. Lighter greens show your creativity, and dark greens show that you are wise. Any other greens should be avoided.

5f0f46fedcb0642bbda67867 green%20tie%20meaning%20interview%20job


Brown shows that you are risky and humble. However, it can look too plain and old if it is too dull of a brown.

5f0f4677297d78ad7424ab19 color%20tie%20meaning%20brown

If you are looking to go with patterns, make sure to know what they mean as well! Here is an article with more information on that!

Don’t let this decision stress you in the job search. More likely than not, an employer will hire you based on your resume rather than the color of your tie. However, it is good to know what each tie color means to possibly give you that extra boost ahead of other candidates!

Now that you know each tie color meaning, what color will you wear?

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