Mac or PC? Which One Should You Buy?

mac or pc benefits of apple macintosh computer

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Ever since the 1980s, the age-old question has been, which one is better, Mac or PC? The first PC was introduced in early 1971, called Kenbak-1. However, It wasn’t until IBM introduced their computer in 1981 when the PC market started to become more popular. The IBM PC was originally marketed to consumers as affordable and accessible computers intended for the use of a non-technical user. 

Only 3 years later, the first Macintosh was introduced on January 24, 1984, by Steve Jobs. Since then, Microsoft and Apple have been having a battle of which is better for the consumer, Mac or PC.

Before we dive into each’s benefits, we want to go over some information about what a PC is. If you aren’t too technologically advanced, you may not know that this blog’s title is contradicting. First off, PC stands for personal computer. A personal computer is any computer that is designed for use by one person at a time. With this definition, a Mac is considered a PC.

However, we still titled this article, “Which one is better for you, Mac or PC?” because, in everyday use, the term PC typically refers to a computer running the Windows operating system. Mac does not use Windows as they have their own operating software called OS X (created by Apple).

Currently, the only way to get the OS X operating system is by purchasing a Mac computer. However, several computers have the Windows operating system. These brand computers include Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Dell, ASUS, and more. Due to close to 93% of operating systems being Windows or OS X, people started associating the term PC with Windows and Mac with OS X.

Popularity of Windows


By far, Windows is the most popular operating system. However, over the years, more people are switching from Windows to Mac.

Due to Windows being around 3 years before Mac’s first introduction (and because PCs are thousands of $ less than Macs), Windows has always led in the market. Only recently have we seen people start switching from PC to Mac. 

Back in Jan 2009, Windows had 95% of the market share for operating systems. In second was OS X at 3.7%. Fast forward 12 years later to 2021, the market share has decreased to 75% for Windows and increased to 17% for OS X. Are people switching for a reason or just because of Apple’s brand name? Let’s dive into the benefits of Macs and PCs.

Benefits of Windows PC




The first major benefit is the price difference between the Mac and PC. Even back when the first PC and first Mac came out, the prices were very different. The first PC by IBM cost $1565. That is a high price point compared to PCs nowadays, but this was low compared to a Mac back then. 

When the Mac was first introduced three years later, the computer was listed at $2,495 (equivalent to $6,315 in 2021). When computers were first introduced, only around 8% of households owned one because of the price point. It took until the year 2000 when prices decreased enough for 50% of households to own one.

Today, you can purchase a PC for as cheap as $140, which would only be $55 in 1984 (when the Mac was first introduced). PCs are much cheaper than Macs, which is why they are so much popular for many individuals. If you are looking to purchase a Mac or PC and are on a budget, choose a PC.



From a hardware standpoint, Windows PCs are much more flexible than Macs. The reason for this is because Windows PCs let you upgrade whatever and whenever you want. Many people build their own PCs because they can incorporate different hardware into them. However, Macs make it almost impossible to do so.

You also don’t need to build a PC if you don’t want to. You can buy pre-built PCs from many different companies. If you want to build a PC, you can build one that fits all your needs. When it comes to Mac, you only have the option to buy pre-built from Apple.

If you are looking for the most flexible option between a Mac or PC, purchase a PC.

Business Standard

The business standard over the last handful of years is PC. Many companies are switching over to Macs in recent years, but PCs are still the standard for most industries.
Also, a lot of businesses have software written for Windows specifically. One user on Quora wrote, “Every setting, every option, can be controlled remotely by administrators once the device is added to a domain. It is almost the base function and changing the settings as an end-user designed after. You can do many of these things on a Mac or Linux, but it is ridiculously easy in Windows. And you can apply the settings to every device on the domain just as easily.” When it comes to being a business standard, Windows wins.
computer benefits

Benefits of a Mac



Longevity is the main reason a Mac is more expensive than a PC. While the life expectancy of a Mac versus a PC cannot be determined perfectly, Macs tend to last longer because Apply ensures that Mac systems (OS X) are optimized to run more smoothly for the duration of the computer’s lifetime. 

One user on Quora said, “Apple has better support, and will support the device with USEFUL and NON-damaging updates for 6 years. Windows will do the same, but the way Windows works, Microsoft can’t test their updates on all devices. There is no optimization, or even checks, to make sure it runs well on some of their devices. This, over time, will degrade performance, the battery life on laptops, software support, and app reliability.”

If you are looking for a computer that will last 5+ years, and you have to choose between a Mac or PC, purchasing a Mac is the way to go. Sometimes PCs only last 1-2 years, which is bad for the Earth!

Macs Have Fewer Viruses

People still argue that Macs can’t get viruses. This is not true, but the fact that people still believe this proves that Macs have fewer viruses than PCs. Ask any PC owner. I am sure in their lifetime, they have gotten a virus on their PC. However, most Mac users will never experience this.
Without antivirus software on a PC, you will last maybe a month or two before getting a virus. On a Mac, you can go years without any virus problems. If you are worried about viruses on your computer, choose to purchase a Mac if you have the option between a Mac or PC.

Fewer Updates


The biggest pain in the neck for PC owners is the constant updates being sent to your PC. It feels like every week there is another update to do on your computer. However, this isn’t the case for Mac. With Windows, you have to stay on top of all the driver updates, security patches, anti-virus, etc. When you own a Mac, all these worries go out the window (no pun intended). For this reason alone, people choose Macs when they are faced with choosing between a Mac or PC.

For Designers


The Mac was originally designed to be for designers. Before, most applications for designers would primarily run on Mac. However, now, mostly all programs work on both Mac and PCs. However, most designers still prefer Mac.

One user on Quora wrote the following:

“Today, with few exceptions, most applications will run on both platforms. And still, the Mac OS is the clear dominant OS in graphic design firms. I think there are several reasons for this:

Legacy. Once design firms adopted Macs, they stuck with them. Early networking was difficult to get both OS platforms to talk to each other, making it complicated to have a mixed environment. It was just easier to stick with Macs only. As Macs become more mainstream, there are fewer reasons for design firms to switch.

Simplicity. Microsoft doesn’t make PCs. They make the OS and some important applications, but it’s up to each PC manufacturer to subscribe to Windows requirements. There are several dozen Windows PC manufacturers all making machines that need to run the same operating system. 

In my experience, this has the effect of watering down innovation. When we have had to use PCs and ran into problems, it wasn’t always clear whether we should call Microsoft or the PC manufacturer for support. Often when we did, they would blame each other, with us getting caught in the middle. 

With Apple, one tech support number gets you the same company that made your operating system and the hardware manufacturer. No finger-pointing. I think this makes sense when to aspects of a machine are so crucial its function. It’s also reflected when you see how quickly Apple can move innovation from the drawing board to the market.

Elegance. By design, Apple computers are just more elegant. Designers appreciate this more than any other group of users. It validates who we are. Macs are beautiful pieces of hardware. They are simple to set up and get running. The OS design is extremely clean and uncluttered.

Even though both Mac OS and Windows are very similar in how users navigate files and manage computer resources, even down to methods and shortcuts for doing routine tasks, the Mac OS has always seemed more streamlined and less cluttered. For anyone who has to design for a living, having less clutter and an environment that reflects the importance of aesthetics is very important. 

Most designers feel that the Mac OS is more conducive to their task.”

After reading this, I am sure you can agree why designers prefer to purchase a Mac when they have the option between a Mac or PC.

In another example, a designer was asked, “Is Mac or PC better?” they said,

“Mac is useful for both designing and programming. Windows can do the same, but I have suggested a Mac because of the best user experience it can provide. 

Is a Mac or PC better? Well, there are many reasons why Mac can give you the best user experience. It will have all the useful software preloaded, there is nothing to worry about security when it comes to MAC, and their trackpad and the gesture functions it does is very useful.”

mac or pc benefits of apple macintosh computer

Our Answer to Mac or PC

There is really no right answer to the question, “Mac or PC?” because both have their benefits. If you are looking for a cheap computer to do minimal work on, a PC is ideal. If you are looking for a reliable machine and willing to spend thousands of dollars, then a Mac is a good option for you. After reading the benefits of each, which one are you going to purchase, Mac or PC?
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