8 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month in the Workplace

Ways to Celebrate Women's History Month in the Workplace

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History of Women's History Month

Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day have deep roots in the global movement for women’s rights and recognition of their achievements. Celebrated annually on March 8th, International Women’s Day originated in the early 20th century when women worldwide campaigned for improved working conditions, suffrage, and gender equality. The inaugural International Women’s Day took place in 1911, initiated by the Socialist Party of America in response to the New York shirtwaist strike of 1909, where women protested against their working conditions. However, it would be several decades before Women’s History Month would accompany International Women’s Day.

Ladies tailors strikers

This image depicts two women strikers picketing during the New York shirtwaist strike of 1909. This labor strike, also known as the Uprising of the 20,000, was a pivotal moment in labor history, particularly for the significant involvement of Jewish women employed in New York’s garment industry. Lasting for eleven weeks, the strike marked a powerful display of solidarity and resistance as more than 20,000 Yiddish-speaking immigrants protested against oppressive working conditions prevalent in the shirtwaist factories of the time.

The strike notably influenced the proposal of International Women’s Day, inspiring Clara Zetkin, a prominent figure in the international socialist movement, to advocate for its establishment.

In the United States, President Jimmy Carter first proclaimed Women’s History Week in 1980, which was later expanded to become Women’s History Month in 1987. This establishment aimed to encourage the study, observance, and celebration of women’s vital role in American history and honor their contributions to society and culture.

Women’s History Month is not only celebrated in the United States but also recognized globally as a time to honor women’s achievements, resilience, and impact. It serves as a platform for highlighting the often overlooked contributions of women and raising awareness of the historical struggles they have faced, alongside the progress made in advancing gender equality.

The celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month serves as a reminder of the ongoing work toward empowering and uplifting women in all aspects of life. It encourages individuals and organizations to promote inclusivity, diversity, and the advancement of women, fostering a more equitable and just society for future generations.

In this blog post, we will explore the best ways to celebrate Women’s History Month in the workplace. Recognizing the historical significance and contributions of women is not only a cultural imperative but also a key aspect of fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment. We will provide insights into meaningful activities, events, and initiatives that can be undertaken to honor Women’s History Month within the professional setting, promoting awareness, education, and empowerment.

Hosting Educational Workshops and Seminars

Hosting educational workshops and seminars focused on women’s history, gender equality, and diversity presents a unique opportunity for organizations to foster a culture of inclusion and education. These events can serve as platforms for cultivating awareness and understanding among employees regarding the historical and contemporary significance of women’s contributions in various spheres. 

By inviting influential women speakers, industry leaders, and diversity advocates, organizations can facilitate meaningful dialogues that not only shed light on the challenges women have faced but also celebrate their significant achievements. This immersive experience enables employees to gain valuable insights, broaden their perspectives, and appreciate the diverse narratives that have shaped the landscape of gender equality and women’s empowerment. 

Moreover, these educational initiatives can inspire and empower employees to become advocates for inclusivity and equity within the workplace and beyond.

Women's History Month Jeopardy

In light of Women’s History Month, numerous organizations and educational institutions have creatively utilized Jeopardy-style games to celebrate and educate on the remarkable achievements of women throughout history. These interactive trivia games serve as engaging platforms for fostering awareness and knowledge surrounding women’s history, gender equality, and diversity. From quizzes highlighting influential women in various fields to trivia focused on pivotal moments in women’s rights movements, Women’s History Month Jeopardy games offer a fun and educational approach to commemorating and learning about the impact of women in society.

Hosting a virtual Women’s History Jeopardy through platforms like Luna Park or Confetti offers an engaging and interactive way to celebrate and educate during Women’s History Month. Virtual game experiences can be tailored to include diverse categories related to women’s history, gender equality, and the achievements of women across different fields. By incorporating this virtual event, organizations can foster a sense of community and learning among participants regardless of geographical locations, providing an inclusive and accessible opportunity for celebration and education.

If you have a small team and prefer not to purchase a Jeopardy game through Confetti, you can opt to download City Personnel’s free Jeopardy game we created specifically for this year’s Women’s History Month. This downloadable resource offers a convenient and cost-effective way to engage your team in an entertaining and educational activity centered around women’s history and achievements.

Click the “Download Now” button to access our exclusive Women’s History Month 2024 Jeopardy Game, featuring 30 thought-provoking questions that celebrate the remarkable achievements of women throughout history. Engage your team in a fun and educational activity that honors the legacy of inspiring women.

Volunteer with a Nonprofit

As Women’s History Month approaches, there are numerous opportunities for teams to volunteer with nonprofits dedicated to celebrating and empowering women. Volunteering as a team can be a fulfilling way to honor the achievements of women throughout history and contribute to meaningful causes. Nonprofits often welcome group volunteer efforts, allowing teams to make a collective impact while fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose.

To get involved, consider reaching out to organizations such as Girls Who CodeDress for SuccessWomen for Women International, and the Malala Fund. These nonprofits offer various opportunities for team volunteering, including organizing virtual events, participating in fundraising initiatives, providing mentorship to young women, and supporting educational programs aimed at empowering girls and women globally.

By volunteering with these nonprofits, teams can actively participate in the celebration of Women’s History Month while making a tangible difference in the lives of women and girls around the world. Whether through virtual mentoring, fundraising efforts, or educational support, team volunteering during Women’s History Month can serve as a powerful testament to the collective commitment to gender equality and the recognition of women’s contributions to society.

Networking Events

Celebrating Women’s History Month as a team can involve attending networking events that not only honor the achievements of women but also provide valuable opportunities for professional growth and community engagement. Networking events offer teams the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from inspiring speakers, and gain insights into the challenges and triumphs faced by women in various industries.

One notable event to consider is the “Because I am a Woman Annual Conference” held in Providence, RI. This conference provides a platform for individuals and teams to immerse themselves in empowering keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops led by influential women leaders. Attending this conference as a team can foster a deeper understanding of the issues affecting women in the professional sphere, while also providing a space for valuable networking and relationship-building.

Because I am A Woman 1

The “Because I Am A Woman Annual Conference” is a transformative event dedicated to empowering and uplifting women, addressing important issues and promoting gender equality. Join us on Friday, March 8, 2024, from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm at 225 Dyer Street, Providence, RI 2nd Floor. This unmissable opportunity offers valuable insights and strategies for personal and professional growth.

In addition to the “Because I am a Woman Annual Conference,” teams can seek out other events such as industry-specific conferences, women in leadership seminars, and diversity and inclusion forums. These events offer a range of networking opportunities and educational sessions designed to uplift and celebrate the contributions of women across different sectors. By participating in these events as a team, members can gain new perspectives, forge meaningful connections, and demonstrate their collective support for gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Support Women-Owned Businesses

Celebrating Women’s History Month can involve actively supporting women-owned businesses as a way to recognize and uplift the contributions of women entrepreneurs. There are numerous ways for offices and teams to show their support for women-owned businesses, ultimately making a positive impact within the community and beyond.

One impactful method is to share information about women-owned businesses on your company social media platforms. Offices can highlight these businesses by featuring their stories, products, or services on company social media accounts, shedding light on the unique offerings and achievements of women entrepreneurs. This not only increases visibility for these businesses but also encourages engagement and potential patronage from a wider audience.

Another way to show support is by actively working with women-owned businesses, whether it’s through ordering food for office events, purchasing items for office use, or arranging team outings to women-owned establishments. By choosing to invest in women-owned businesses, offices can directly contribute to the growth and success of these enterprises while exemplifying a commitment to gender equality and economic empowerment.

Moreover, organizing networking events or workshops that feature women-owned businesses as partners or guest speakers can provide additional exposure and opportunities for collaboration. This not only elevates the businesses involved but also fosters a supportive environment where women entrepreneurs can connect with potential customers, partners, and allies.

Make a Women’s Empowerment Playlist

Creating a Women’s empowerment playlist to be played in the office on International Women’s Day can be a powerful way to celebrate Women’s History Month and honor the achievements of women across the globe. The playlist can feature songs that resonate with themes of strength, resilience, and empowerment, serving as a source of inspiration for everyone in the office.

Including iconic anthems such as “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, “Independent Women, Part I” by Destiny’s Child, and “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson can infuse the office environment with a sense of empowerment and positivity. These songs not only celebrate the strength and independence of women but also encourage a collective spirit of support and recognition for their contributions to society.

Moreover, including contemporary hits like “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyoncé, “Roar” by Katy Perry, and “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera can further amplify the uplifting atmosphere, instilling a sense of determination and courage among employees. These songs serve as reminders of the resilience and power that women embody, inspiring everyone to embrace empowerment and gender equality.

Create a Blog Post

Crafting a blog post that highlights exceptional women can serve as a powerful tribute and educational resource for your audience for Women’s History Month. The post could feature influential women from various fields such as science, politics, arts, and business, showcasing their remarkable achievements and the impact they’ve had on society. Additionally, consider incorporating interviews or spotlighting contemporary women who are making significant strides in their respective domains.

If you’re seeking inspiration, our past blog post commemorating International Women’s Day in 2021 could serve as a valuable reference. In that post, we celebrated the achievements of remarkable women and delved into the significance of the day, providing an engaging and insightful piece for our readers. 

Share Women’s History Month Quotes

Sharing Women’s History Month quotes on your social media page presents a wonderful opportunity to honor the achievements and resilience of women throughout history. By posting impactful quotes from influential women, you can inspire your audience and foster a sense of appreciation for the remarkable individuals who have shaped the world. Additionally, involving the entire team in this initiative by encouraging them to share their favorite quotes not only amplifies the celebration but also promotes a sense of unity and inclusivity within your organization.

To provide inspiration, you can draw from the success of our past video series during Black History Month, where we shared powerful quotes from Black Leaders on our TikTok.

Sharing inspirational quotes not only resonates with your audience but also will showcase your commitment to recognizing and celebrating Women’s History Month.


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Women’s History Month holds profound significance as it commemorates the historical struggles and remarkable achievements of women. From its origins in the global movement for women’s rights to its evolution into a globally recognized celebration, Women’s History Month serves as a platform for honoring women’s contributions and promoting gender equality. 

As we look to celebrate Women’s History Month in the workplace, let’s embrace the opportunity to foster inclusivity, educate, and empower, ensuring that the legacy of women’s invaluable roles resonates in our professional environments and beyond.

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